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Adult Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy doctors in Nerja, Germany

Speciality:Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

Location:Lenggries | Germany

About:  Dr. med. Petra Block is the daughter of the most famous Fresh Cell Doctor (Prof. Dr. med. Siegfried Block). The doctor studied at the University Munich, Germany. Promo...

Speciality:Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine Specialist

Location:Werne | Germany

About:Dr. Scheik is a western trained board certified physician and specializes in treating men and women with European anti-aging therapies. He adopts a functional approach to treating ...

Speciality:Cancer Specialist

Location:Frankfurt | Germany

About: Dr. Siebenhuener, Director of the German International Clinic, warmly welcomes patients to his private practice in the heart of the expanded medicine clinic Frankfurt and hopes...
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