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During this procedure our experienced implantology specialists place an implant and a crown; the crown must be placed for being imperceptible to the human eye, looking exactly like a natural adjacent tooth, as this is a cosmetic dentistry procedure, it must be optimal and is of course very beneficial for the patient. Dental implants package cost: $1.350 - $1.030. Click on Package dteails for
Best Bone Regeneration Surgery Package in Medellin Bone Regeneration is based on tissue regeneration; in this procedure a membrane is used to protect the bone graft, and it's placed separately from the gum to avoid adverse pressures. The technique is used to produce effectiveness, and ensure rapid and quality growth of the maxillary bone, it's a complement of other surgeries. $350
Affordable Metal-ceramic crowns Package in Medellin, Colombia The metal-ceramic crowns allow the dentist restore missing or severely damaged teeth  in form and function, aesthetic characteristics and with resistance very similar to natural teeth. The restoration technique with metal-ceramic crowns has been used for over sixty years and the development of materials has allowed the realization o
Affordable Jaw surgery (maxilar or bimaxilar) Package in Medellin, Colombia Orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) treats and corrects abnormalities of the facial bones, especially in the maxilla and mandible. Typically, these facial anomalies are accompanied by difficulty in chewing, talking or sleeping, among other routine activities. Orthognathic surgery corrects these problems, and a
Bone grafts are an essential tool for the restoration of areas with fractures and bone loss. This can be of different types: First, from the same patient, taken from an area of the patient's body to establish in another area of that patient. Second, transferred between two unrelated humans. Third, transferred from one species to another (animal - human, very limited). Fourth, transferred betwe
Best Dental Veneers Packages in Cancun Riviera Maya, Mexico We understand how even the smaller imperfections can make us feel non confident while smiling, that's the reason we've created a Dental Veneers Package. Veneers will help you covering your damaged or injured teeth, and will fit perfectly over your natural tooth and will protect it. Come to Dentaris, We will take care of your sm