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Open Laser Assisted Spinal Discectomy Treatment Abroad



Open laser-assisted spinal surgery can be performed on any area of the spine. The discectomy procedure itself defines removal of a vertebral disc and may be used in the:

  • lumber, or lower back region
  • thoracic, or middle back
  • cervical or neck regions

This type of procedure is very effective for individuals who have tried other options without relief and who experience and suffer from severe pain and difficulty walking, sitting, and other basic movements.

Open microscopic discectomy is one of the most common types of surgical treatment for herniated or ruptured disks in the neck, chest or lower back region. Using imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and CT (computerized tomography) scans, surgeons are able to access all areas of the spine and determine which type of surgical procedure will result in the most positive prognosis.

Individuals diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, herniated or bulging disks may benefit from open laser-assisted spinal discectomy, as well as those diagnosed with spinal trauma or spinal tumors that cause pressure or compression of spinal nerves.

Laser-assisted surgery technology enables surgeons to access extremely small areas in the body with a reduced risk of surgical complications and difficulty, achieving more precise and exact movements via operating field magnification transferred from the tip of endoscopes to video monitors or screens within the operating field.

Who Benefits from a Discectomy Procedure?

Individuals with back or neck pain or pain that doesn't respond to conventional medical treatment may benefit from a discectomy. Those diagnosed with herniated discs are also prime candidates for the procedure.

Laser spinal surgery techniques are utilized in a variety of spine conditions and procedures including anterior and posterior approaches to cervical discectomy, or removal of discs in the neck area. Vertebral discs cushion the space between vertebra, preventing them from rubbing against each other, offering mobility, cushioning, protection and greater mobility and range of motion.

Open Laser-Assisted Spinal Discectomy Surgery Description

Open laser-assisted spinal discectomy procedures, whether they're undertaken on the cervical or neck area, the thoracic or chest area, or the lumbar or lower back region of the spine, are considered minimally invasive surgical procedures. The surgery is performed with laser-assisted instruments that enable the surgeon to view the surgical field under up to 15 times magnification.  This approach allows the surgeon to make smaller incisions and greatly reduces the risk of damage to surrounding spinal cord tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle tissue. Micro lasers and endoscopy, or arthroscopic micro laser spine surgery utilizes fiber optic cameras as well as lasers to perform very precise operations and procedures in all areas of the spine.

The patient is placed under general anesthesia and positioned in a face down position on the operating table. The surgeon makes a very small (usually under 1-inch) incision over the affected vertebrae in the spine. The damaged sections of the vertebral disc and sometimes the entire disc will be removed or shattered disk fragments will be removed under magnification. 

Laser assisted spine surgery is able to access the spine for repairs in an outpatient setting, resulting in fewer health risks, post-surgical infection risk, no hospital stay, and faster recovery periods. Laser-assisted spinal discectomy procedures require a one or two-hour recovery, with mobility such as walking encouraged within a few hours of the procedure whenever possible.  Home exercise programs and physical therapy are recommended.

The exact type of open laser-assisted spinal surgery will depend on your condition, and upon the advice and prognosis offered by your doctor. Some open laser-assisted discectomy procedures may require hospitalization, but not as long as traditional open-incision back surgery procedures in the past.

How Much Does a Discectomy Cost?

Laser-assisted spinal surgeries in the United States can be prohibitively expensive, often ranging between $25,000 and $50,000, if not more, depending on the number of vertebral discs being repaired. In locations such as India, open laser assisted lumbar discectomy can cost roughly $13,000.

Who Performs Total Discectomy Procedures?

A discectomy procedure is generally performed by an orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine care or neurosurgeon as well as a vascular or general surgeon. Surgeons should be chosen according to their expertise and experience in related fields. Physicians and surgeons should be certified in their field, and show membership in national or regional boards or associations in his or her country of origin. Consumers are encouraged to get more than one opinion before engaging in any type of spinal surgery, as well as making sure that facilities, surgeons, and healthcare staff are accredited by international associations and organizations to ensure quality of equipment, technology, as well as quality of care by medical staff.



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