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Transverse lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) with PPF Treatment Abroad



Transforaminal interbody fusion, also known as TLIF, is performed on the posterior and transverse portion of the spinal column. Some basic terminology is beneficial in understanding this procedure. Transforaminal means through or across the foramina. The foramina are openings or holes in the bone that allow for insertion of membrane structures. Interbody is the term used to describe the material that is found between two vertebral sections that maintain disc height and spacing. Fusion is a medical term just to describe the surgical union or attachment of bones for healing.

Percutaneous screw fixation devices called pedicle screws also enhance the stability of the lower spine, which bear the weight of the body and promote mobility and range of motion in the hips, which explain the surgical abbreviation PPF.

Who Benefits from Transverse Lumbar Interbody Fusion with PPF?

Individuals with the degenerative bone conditions, spinal instability, severe arthritis or osteoporosis or fractured vertebra may benefit from spinal fusion procedures. The TLIF with PPF procedure may help reduce pain and improve mobility in patients. Some spinal fusion procedures are often recommended to those who suffer from severe back pain due to slippage of bones, causing misalignment.

TLIF with PPF Procedure Details

In the TLIF procedure, the patient is placed face down on the operating table with cushions and blankets to support proper alignment and positioning for the surgeon.  The operative site is pinpointed and a small incision is made, through which an endoscope is inserted.  Several different techniques are available for this type of operation, depending on the patient's current spinal condition and goals of the surgical procedure.

The TLIF procedure is a type of spinal fusion that fastens bone grafts to various areas of the spine. This process allows bone to grow between vertebral spaces in order to provide stability to the spine. Posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery is often performed in the lower back through the insertion of bone grafts or spinal implants into spaces between the vertebrae where damaged or weakened discs are located.

Bone grafts, usually obtained from the hip bone of the patient, is inserted into the newly cleaned disc space and anchored in place with metal screws or plates, or rods or small pieces of hardware called holds, and the incision is closed. Eventually, the vertebrae will absorb and grow around the bone graft, creating a solid "bridge" in the non-stable disc space.

Percutaneous fixation devices called pedicle screws are commonly used with the posterior or backside approach to spinal fusion to provide the greatest stability and support for the spine. Pedicle screws serve as an anchor for plates, rods or other fixation devices. Screws are placed over the surface of several vertebrae to provide stability and support, though they do limit mobility in the section of the spine in which they're used, in this case a small portion of the lower spine.

How Much Does TLIF with PPF Cost?

In the United States, lumbar fusion spine surgeries may cost up to $50,000, though costs may reach as high as $100,000 in some places. This cost may not include hospital care, diagnostics, imaging, medications and fiscal therapy or rehabilitation services, depending on geographic region. However, individuals traveling to foreign destinations such as Mexico, Latin America, and Asia may enjoy between 30% and 50% savings on costs of the same type of procedure, which include all inclusive stays, care, and medical support.

Who Performs TLIF with PPF?

Orthopedic surgeons should be certified and experienced in all types of spinal surgeries, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar procedures and techniques, and belong to recognized organizations and associations. Consumers should always verify the experience and training of surgeons, facilities and support staff to ensure proper training and expertise, certification, and accreditation for any suggested procedures or techniques.

Orthopedic surgeon may perform spinal fusion procedures, but may also be accompanied and assisted by neurosurgeons, according to and depending on need. Any type of spinal procedure or treatment should be overseen by an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spinal care and spinal surgeries.

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