Comprehensive Treatment Protocol for Myocarditis

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Comprehensive Treatment for Myocarditis at BPIHComprehensive Treatment Protocol for Myocarditis

Medical history

Aman is a sweet little boy from Kazakhstan. He was born in July, 2015 and is the third child in his family. One day he developed a cold without the symptoms of a fever or cough, thinking it was not serious, his mother didn’t pay much attention to his condition and just gave him some cough medicine, after which he soon recovered. However, a few days later his mother noticed that Aman suddenly developed breathing difficulties.

Aman was immediately transferred to the local hospital and according to ultrasound and MRI images results, he was diagnosed with dilated myocarditis, his ejection fraction (EF) was only 18%, and which was life threatening! Following his treatment, Aman’s condition became stable and he returned home after being discharged from hospital.

However his heart condition had not yet been cured, as when he played for more than 2 hours, breath difficulties developed. Aman’s parents were very worried about his future and started to research the internet. His parents learned about Beijing Puhua International Hospital and after consulting with our medical consultants, they decided to take Aman to Beijing to receive our comprehensive treatment protocol for dilated myocarditis.

The first three days of hospitalization

On March 19th 2017 the Aman was admitted to Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH).

As Aman had already suffering for 9 month from shortness of breath, a full medical checkup was provided at BPIH. His ejection fraction was only 25%-26% and diameter of his heart was 51mm! Compared to normal children, the size of his heart was much bigger. After reviewing his medical status, our medical team was striving to design the best possible treatment protocol for his condition.

The fourth day of hospitalization

On the forth days of Aman’s hospitalization, several medical protocols were applied to provide symptomatic and supportive treatment, which included medications through IV to improve the function of his heart, relive his shortness of breath and support his general health by supplying essential nutrients.

1 week after hospitalization

After the first week, a new ultrasound examination showed that his heart’s EF had increased to33% and that the size of his heart had started to reduced. Aman became more physically active and seemed happier, his appetite also showed improvement.

2 weeks after hospitalization

Two weeks after Aman’s hospitalization, his heart EF had increased to 46% and the size of his heart had reduced to 41mm!

Medical Condition following the treatment for Myocarditis

The patient's general condition had been improved to a great degree. His left ventricular dilation had significantly improved and his Left ventricular systolic functions did increased; his initially diagnose condition - dilated myocarditis, had disappeared.

Our Cardiology medical team prepared a 3 month oral medication protocol for Aman's parents to follow, once they had returned back home to Kazakhstan.

Aman’s mother still keeps in touch with our medical consultants.  In September 2018, his mother contacted with us again and reported that his EF reached 60%, which is closed to normal. Aman has now stopped taking all oral medications and we are all pleased to witness his continues improvements and we certainly hope that he can now live a happy life.

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