Review from Terry after Knee Surgery in Hermosillo Mexico

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Hermosillo, Mexico
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Walk with Ease after Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico

Watch Real Patient Testimonial after Receiving Knee Surgery in Hermosillo Mexico at Global Knee Center

Watch video about testimonial from Terry Taylor after receiving Knee Surgery in Hermosillo Mexico. Get affordable Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico at PlacidWay. Terry Left Knee felt better after receiving high quality orthopedic surgery in Mexico at Global Knee Center. The surgeon was skilled and provided excellent service. Terry is now able to enjoy his life without pain. Check his heart-touching testimonial by watching video below:

Terry Taylor Had Very Good Experience at Global Knee Center

"Good morning. My name is Terry Taylor. I'm from western Colorado. I'm down here in Hermito Mexico. I just had orthoscopic surgery on my left knee anito, and I just can't tell you what a wonderful job. I met the doctor I had my first interview last Tuesday, a week ago today, in fact. I met him through another doctor friend of mine, Ricardo Felice, who was here. And I had the total package done anesthesiology, rehab postop, just first class treatment."

"I couldn't say anything. And anyhow, the surgery just went well, and everything was done in just a little over 24 hours. That's the type of service that I got here in Mexico. And I would recommend this doctor to anybody because I have met some Americans that have seen him, and he is renowned. He knows what he's doing. But it's it's been a very good experience. It's been a pleasure. And I saved a few dollars by coming to Mexico. All right, very good. And hope this helps you all. Thank you. Bye!"

Why Choose Orthopedic Surgery in Mexico by Global Knee Center

Here are several reasons why you should consider selecting Global Knee Center for your Knee Surgery in Mexico:

  • Quick appointment and online consultation
  • Get best healthcare service from top orthopedic surgeon in the world
  • Cost effective solution for your knee problem
  • World Class center for knee surgery with best equipment and advanced technology
  • Best care solution for knee surgery with 28 years of experience

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