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The letter from the wife of the patient with Parkinson's disease after stem cell treatment

Patient: N.N.
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease
Country: Russia
Date of the treatment: December 2009

Pre-therapy condition: "Off" periods during the whole day. Marked difficulty in walking. Marked balance disturbances. Tremor in the right arm and leg. Severe stiffness in the right arm and leg muscles. Incontinence.

Patient N., suffering from Parkinson's disease, was treated with stem cells at EmCell clinic. Immediately upon returning home he found positive changes in his condition as described below by his wife:

"Stem cells is a miracle", N. exclaimed. "Weakness in my leg has almost disappeared. I can freely turn around, I quietly go sideways what I couldn't do before! I could easily step over the suitcases; I am not awkward any more! Before the stem cell treatment, I had to watch my way and even couldn't talk when walking, but on my way home after the stem cell treatment I could easily look about, and my balance was normal. I am not dragging my leg like I used to."

I stopped my husband's monologue and asked him to repeat it once again to write it down.

So, we came home safe and sound. We took the metro without any problems. When we reached home, I fell asleep and when I woke up I heard and wrote down the above.

Then N. told me he tried to walk on a treadmill (we had to purchase it some time ago for my husband to be able to exercise in any weather), and he managed to do it without holding on something as before when he had to hold on something due to his poor balance. Before the treatment he walked on a treadmill at the lowest speed but today he tried to increase the speed and he succeeded even without holding on something.

Due to his tremor he couldn't take out or put the money into the wallet, but now he could easily take out the money and put the change back into his wallet. I even couldn't understand what money and where he paid, but he explained that while I was sleeping, he understood his mobile phone didn’t function and he had to recharge his account. He alone (and even without his walking stick) managed to reach the payment center (it is several bus stops plus long walking distance from our house, moreover, it was snowy and slippery in Moscow then).

His improvements are so evident that even if in the future he will experience some worsening you have warned us about we have enough arguments for the sceptics to assert that stem cell treatment is neither a "placebo effect" nor "injected vitamins".

Now N. is having rest and I decided to share our good news with you, dear Dr. Maria and Dr. Alla. We felt you are not indifferent to your patients' problems as well as to their treatment results.

We have never regretted for having chosen your clinic. We are very grateful to all your staff for their affability, attention and kindness.

Warmest wishes and regards,

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