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Patient: H.
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis
Country: Germany
Dates of the treatment: November 2001; May 2009; May 2010

The patient underwent the first course of stem cell treatment in 2001. After the treatment, positive results were achieved, and the patient H. didn’t need top-ups for the next 8 years.

The second course of stem cell treatment was carried out in May 2009.

Right after return home, Mr. H. has noticed the following improvements:

“On May 9 I had my first instant success at home: from airport I travelled by car to my home. We live on the second floor. Without thinking about climbing stairs as usual (I need the handrail absolute) I arrived in my flat and was very happy that it was as easy as 12 years ago”.

Five months after the second course of embryonic stem cell treatment patient H. wrote the following:

Dear Sirs,

As you described before, at present, I find myself in the second phase of posttransplantation effects when the amount of stem cells has increased in the organs and systems. In this connection, I would like to ask Doctor Smikodub once again about the restoration of myelin he told me during our first conversation before the beginning of the treatment.

We live on the second floor of the 12-apartment house, and for a long time we thought over the idea to move to another apartment, and 4 weeks ago we did so. When you move to a new apartment you have to pack a lot of boxes and properly organize everything for the move in advance. All these things were stressful for me and frightened me for many years, therefore, I didn’t want to move anywhere. But due to my problems with the gait we had to take the decision to move to a new apartment. As my parents live 350 km from our place and my wife’s parents are not healthy enough to carry heavy things and fulfil other important tasks, we had to clench our teeth and do everything ourselves.

And you know what: my wife was so surprised and amazed that I managed to make so many efforts and could do everything without anyone’s assistance just like a healthy man. My wife insisted on somebody’s help but I didn’t want anyone to be on my way as I proffered to do everything myself, and I did manage to cope with everything. And now, looking back, I understand that within the last years even small efforts always made me “unfit for action”. (In 2008, we could manage with the move to another apartment only if somebody helped us). Thus, in the beginning of August we started to prepare our new apartment for living and as I had no problems with that, I continued with packing our belongings and prepared everything for our move. And after we have moved to the new apartment I began to unpack our things. Now we live on the ground floor and have a small garden next to our house.

Despite our move to the new apartment and all the related efforts I didn’t feel exhausted and I couldn’t believe that my condition would develop even better than some months ago.

I would like to tell you one more thing: my capacity for work has improved, and such signs of multiple sclerosis as the beginning numbness in my fingertips and continuous fatigue have almost disappeared. I can’t believe that everything goes on this way but the transplantation of stem cells works and works…:)

I would like to thank you once again for letting me come to Kiev again, and I am amazed with what you have done for my health. I really have the impression that this time MS will stop forever.

Next time I will forward you my new health update.

Best regards,

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