Patient with Retinitis Pigmentosa Gives Feedback in Tijuana Mexico

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Retinitis Pigmentosa

"My name is Steven S. and I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, I was diagnose on November 2010 when I was examined by my doctor.

I had a normal everyday life but changed quickly as my vision deteriorated. I sense night blindness and narrowing field of vision.

Went to 3 different doctors who said, there is no treatment. So I kept looking at the internet and found ProgenCell. I called and Mimi answered all my questions and mentioned that she have had the procedure, so I decided to go forward.

Some of my family and friends were against my decision, but we all knew it was the only chance for improvement.

The procedure went much quicker than I expected and this time I had no pain. Never had side effects after the procedure.

This is my 2nd procedure and have had quite a bit of improvement with 1st procedure, I am excited about this second one. I am able to start doing some things I had to quit. Now I see better, clearer, broader vision. All of my friends and family are excited about my progress, they all think is wonderful that this treatment is available and that it is a shame it isn´t allowed in the states.

The travel to ProgenCell has been easy, our whole experience has been great. Armando´s service is great. Tijuana has been pleasantly surprised! we haven´t seen much but, it looks like any big city. Costco and Applebees!! No feeling of being in danger.

I would recommend other patients to give it a try!

Steven S.

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