Live Cell For ALS in Beijing China Patient Testimonial

Center Name: ReLife International Medical Center

Location: No.198 Feng Bao Lu, Feng Tai District
Beijing, China
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ALS Live Cell Treatment Beijing China

Live Cell Therapy for ALS Patient in Beijing, China


Our beautiful patient Visnja, discharged from us last Friday with all our best wishes. She comes from Croatia. She has been suffering from ALS for more than two years. During this time, she had tried various treatments in her country, none of them worked. Instead, her condition got worse and worse. She has been pining away dreadfully and losing confidence. Since the onset of her illness, she had lost 20kg weight. Fortunately, she has a very good husband who loves her so much. Since she suffered from this disease, her husband was constantly at her side, taking good care of her and giving her encouragement and energy. Finally, companied and encouraged

by her husband, holding the last hope, Visnja came to ReLife International Medical Center to receive stem cell and traditional Chinese treatment.

Before she turned to ReLife, Visnja’s condition was terrible. She had showed dysarthria and dysphagia; her muscular weakness of extremities became worsen, with limited hand mobility and difficulty in holding objects; she could not walk or sit on her own; her physiological curvature of spine had disappeared, with cervical lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. Since she was hospitalized, according to her specific condition, our medical team had established a personalized treatment for her, including: Stem Cell Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Supportive Treatment.

Live Cell Therapy at ReLife International Medical Center in beijing, China

After 21 days’ treatment at ReLife, her symptom is improved significantly. Right now, she is in good spirits; she has more strength from her throat while speaking, no chocking found when swallowing; her muscle strength of four limbs has greatly increased, both hands are able to spread; she can walk much longer distance than before. Visnja and her husband are highly satisfied with the treatment at ReLife International Medical Center. We are so happy about her improvement. We believe if Visnja always maintains a healthy optimistic attitude and continue with the regular rehabilitation, miracle can happen. 


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