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Live Cell for Muscle Atrophy in China Testimonial

Live Cell Therapy for Muscular Atrophy in Beijing, China

Patient Testimonial


Good luck, Mr. Bean!

Our patient Zdravko is gentle man who comes from Croatia. Because he always has a small face of innocent like Mr. Bean, so we all called him Mr. Bean. He has a happy family: a beautiful wife and two lovely kids. We can see happiness from their eyes when they talking about their love story and their children. Due to his motor neuron disease he suffering from muscle atrophy of his shoulder and hand, he turned to ReLife International Medical Center to require Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Before the treatment, he had limited mobility of both upper limbs and should joints. The muscles atrophy of thenar, both upper arms as well as the shoulders, more obvious on the right side for the shoulders.

Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Atrophy at ReLife in China

During 21 days' hospitalization at ReLife International Medical Center, he has received Stem Cell Therapy combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine, his condition has improved obviously. After the treatment, he can have good sleep at night; the chock symptom disappeared. The color thenar of both hands is reddish which is improved. The third finger can unbend more than before, and the atrophic muscle of shoulder became plump. Physical Examination shows his muscle strength is improved. Mr. Bean is satisfied with his significant improvement.

We are really happy for Mr. Bean's improvement. Good Luck, Mr. Bean! Hope you will become better and better, and have a happy life!


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