Hip Replacement in Mexico Patient Testimonial

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Blue Net Hospital- Plaza del Rey, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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Hip Replacement in Mexico Patient Testimonial

Hip Replacement Surgery in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 

Patient Testimonial

In January 2011 I had an accident at my home. I lost my balance and fell down few steps. The outcome was devastating, extreme pain in the left hip and back area, difficulty in waking and moving. At first I did an X-ray which showed subchondral left hip fracture. I was really concerned with the availability of an orthopedic surgeon locally.

I was lucky, there was an announcement about a new doctor in town, starting practice in Blue Medical Net here in Cabo. Dr. Gerardo Mangino - Orthopedic Surgeon, has been trained and certified at the Biomet International Fellowship Program at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center of Northern Indiana and at Joint Implant Surgeons Inc. Columbus, Ohio USA.

During the first consultation my husband and I decided, that there is no better orthopedic surgeon than Dr. Gerardo, no better place for us than Cabo San Lucas.

I remember my first impression, the moment, the time when you check in, from many different hospitals all over the world. I must say that, in this Mexican Hospital this moment was a surprise in a positive way; doctors, nurses, all hospital staff are so caring, knowledgeable, extremely helpful.

I start forgetting that I could not walk, but I also never forget the kindness and professional protection of Dr. Gerardo Mangino.

Joan H.

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