Treating Cerebral Palsy with Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

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Katy is six years old and had her first placental stem cell implants in June 2008 - one month ago.

When Katy was born we were told that she was rigid and she has spent the last six years undergoing conventional medical treatments that have left her traumatized. Doctors tell us there is nothing they can do but give her medications to keep her comfortable.

Because of the negligent practices in the labor and delivery room, Katy has multiple disabilities including CP, quadriplegia, dystonia / spasticity, epilepsy, scoliosis, cortical vision impairment and developmental delay. She has the functioning capacity of a newborn. Besides conventional medicine, Katy has also had alternative therapies in many modalities. I must say that the alternative therapies have been more productive particularly hyperbaric oxygen therapy, than anything else.

We had considered stem cell therapy for several years but had not proceeded with it because of death and trauma surrounding the embryonic stem cells which are being used by other doctors. When we found Dr. Gonzalez using placental stem cell implants, we had no doubts about undergoing the placental stem cell implant procedure.

It has been only a month since Katy received the implants. In that very short time, she has blossomed physically. She is so much more attentive and present. Her seizure activity and spasticity have diminished significantly; she is trying to talk; she is so much more relaxed. She is eating more and sleeping much better. She initiates pushing herself around on a home-made scooter as well as her bean bag. Her body responds more readily to OT and PT. Small steps to some; but enormous gains to us.

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