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Regen Beauty Medical Group reviews for Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery in Seoul, South Korea

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  • Eva C 2016-04-15 Los Angeles, usa

    In 2014, October, I decided to choose among 3-4 plastic surgeries and came across REGEN MEDICAL GROUP PLASTIC SURGERY thru high regards from a Korean tv makeover surgery show called "Let Me In". Being that they were one of the main top surgery centers with their surgeons publicly airing all surgeries performed & representing their extensive performances, gave me a sense of trust & acknowledgement to explore their expertise to put top of my choices.. Seeing in Korea after consultations, I also decided to choose Regen due to the quality of facilities they had. A huge 17 floor or so building, with many qualifications of different surgeon specialists had me to believe that I was in good hands! Well...after 15+ years of wanting a Rhinoplasty, I finally was determined especially giving me the courage to after the show..the song Brave from Sara Bareillies would come on as a soundtrack of this kshow and I was trying to be brave and see that Korea was blooming with more advanced techniques & risks performed then America. I saw many of my friends that came with perfect surgeries to not even being able to depict if any surgeries were done or not. Anyways, long story short, this was the WORST CHOICE I HAD EVER MADE IN MY LIFE ... It has been 3 yrs almost. But I am finally broadcasting this because I truly don't want anyone else to suffer and if anyone wanted to know REAL experiences, this may help you to destroy your image and pay your trust & money to these crooks!!! I say crooks because i KNOW for a FACT that a JUNIOR SURGEON performed not the actual Main surgeons they have you consult with from the initial consult to the day right before surgery!!!! I am Korean. But because I was a foreigner, they don't care if you're Korean, since you will go back to the States and won't be able to talk rumors living in Korea since residents living there are highly recommended by rumors. My nose was CROOKED!!! My NOSTRILS WERE CROOKED!!! My BREATHING was severely blocked that my left nose did not have an airway!!! They made me look 100xs worse then my original God given nose..did not listen to what I consulted and I realized the consultation was rushed and only few sentences were exchanged. I realized this since I could not breathe and wait any longer hoping to see changes & improvements after less then 9mths...I had to ultimately get revision surgery here in US and not to dismiss that revision surgeries are double triple the amount and much more complex since they altered your nose & have to rework with what's left & cosmetically built. Thankfully, after many days & months of severe depression, tears & regrets, my new skilled doctor has changed my life & corrected my breathing and naturally used my own cartilage with no fake implants and botched nose!! Even tho, I've spent triple the amount then in Korea, I had to go thru 2 surgeries now, 3yrs of changing faces and patiently praying to God for my old image to remain again. Total I spent $20k and still since initial performed rhino was botched, I couldn't get nearly close to what I hoped for. DO NOT GO TO REGEN. THEY SHOULD BE FINED AND KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC That THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Feel free to contact me if this site owner has any questions or want me to share.

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