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Verified Patients Reviews of Type 2 Diabetes Treatment in Istanbul, Turkey at Etiler Hospital

Ayd?n Sokak No 1, Etiler
Price range:: $8000 to $14000
Focus Area: Metabolic Diabetes Surgery Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey | Type 2 Diabetes | Hypertension | High Cholesterol and Triglyceride | Obesity | Sleep Apnea

About Etiler Hastanesi

Metabolic Surgery Clinic from Istanbul, lead by Prof.Dr Alper Celik, has one main objective: to offer a definitive treatment to those patients affected by diabetes and obesity. The options for treatment are effective and give a new meaning to quality of life for diabetics worldwide.

Metabolic Diabetes Treatment in Istanbul Turkey Reviews at Etiler Hospital

  • Tanju

    Every time I think of it, I go in and look at my teacher, be there, you are a doctor like the flower that gives life to our family, Alper.

    Google Jul 21 2022
  • ajda

    The team he works with and himself are very interested and smiling. He followed the pre- and post-operative examinations and acted according to the test results. He did not necessarily say to have surgery. When you go, he examines you first and guides you. He becomes a guide. Thanks for your interest

    Google Jul 22 2022
  • Aslı

    I am giving five stars to make my comment stand out.... I definitely dont recommend it. She had diabetes surgery on my relative and the woman is currently bedridden and is not interested, she never accepts her mistake, she should definitely be dismissed......... If we want to take him to the doctor, it is always said that the doctor who brought this patient to this situation should fix it, but Alper Çelik threw us out of the hospital (yes, read carefully). There is no such thing as not paying attention after the surgery, the woman is now 40 kg, there is an endless diarrhea for two years......

    Google Sep 30 2022
  • Turan

    Alper, you waited by me at night, you came early in the morning, we love you very much, my teacher.

    Google Oct 06 2022
  • Adem

    My father healer is an extraordinary wonderful person, everything about your team was great, God bless you

    Google Oct 07 2022
  • Cengiz

    It is an extremely beautiful and hygienic clinic. more importantly, the employees are very kind and caring.

    Google Mar 09 2021
  • Sabria

    Its been a while since Dr. Alper Celik performed diabetes for me. I want to thank the doctor and their staff. I am very happy with them. The doctor is an experienced and kind man.

    Google Mar 31 2021
  • Zara

    My aunt had type 2 diabetes in this hospital and their doctor was Professor Alper Celik and I was very kind and patient and the staff is very kind and patient and we are really satisfied with their treatment

    Google Apr 06 2021
  • Haniyah

    One of our relatives had a surgery his doctor was Mr.Alper Celik. We really recommend him. He was super helpful and careful. Thanks to him

    Google Apr 07 2021
  • Selbi

    I appreciate the work is done by Prof Dr Alper Celik and his team.
    Wish them success in their hard work

    Google May 24 2021

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