Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Improves Stomach Function with Gastric Surgery in Turkey

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Country: Turkey
Procedure: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery

Affordable Gastric Bypass in Turkey from Top Clinic and Surgeon

Get affordable Gastric Bypass in Turkey from top clinic and surgeon. Book your appointment today and get Free Quote for Bariatric Surgery at PlacidWay. If you're considering having gastric bypass surgery, Turkey is a great option. The country is home to some of the best hospitals and clinics in the world, and the cost of surgery is much lower than in other developed countries.

At PlacidWay, we can help you find the perfect hospital or clinic for your needs, and we can also provide you with information on the cost of surgery, the package deals available, and the top doctors in Turkey. Get in touch with us today to learn more about gastric bypass in Turkey! Check our recommendation below:

  • Clinic: Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals
  • DoctorDr. Hasan Erdem
  • Procedure: Gastric Bypass
  • Package Price: Between $2,700 and $7,000
  • Cost in Turkey: $6,000
  • Cost in Other Countries: From $8,100
  • Top Tourist Attractions: Aya Sofia, Pamukkale, Ruins in Agora temple, and more.

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What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgery is a type of bariatric surgery that helps you lose weight by making changes to your digestive system. Gastric bypass surgery is usually done as a laparoscopic procedure, which means that the surgeon makes small incisions in your abdomen and uses a camera to guide the surgery.

Advantages of Choosing Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

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Envisioned a slimmer, healthier you? Book your appointment today at PlacidWay to get top quality and affordable Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey. We will guide you to find top clinic and surgeon with budget-friendly options available. For more information, click contact us button below:

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Gastric Bypass in Turkey - Top Clinic and Surgeon

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