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Surgeon Gowdas Gastro & Laparoscopy Centre in Bangalore, India Reviews From Bariatric Patients

42 Prashanthi Nagar 2nd Cross R K Hegde Nagar Bangalore Karnataka
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Reviews of Surgery for Weight Loss In India

  • mohsin

    I mother got her second Gall Bladder removal surgery through Dr. Gowda since the first done by another famour Surgeon was dont partially. Due due to this the surgery was complicated but Dr. Gowda completed it successfully and the recovery time was quick too.

    Google Nov 02 2022

    Besides being a good doctor, Dr Maruthesh Gowda is a good person who is hard to find these days. I went all the way from calcutta to bangalore for my mothers treatment after a lot of failed perspectives. My mother underwent cholecystectomy along with uterus removal through laparoscopy process. Postsurgery she was totally fine and released after 2days. By Allah grace my mother is actively fit. Altogether, me and my family is Greatful to Dr. Maruthesh Gowda, thank you Sir for your immense support and cooperation .

    Google Nov 25 2022
  • Sriparna

    We would like to thank Doctor Maruthesh Gowda for effortlessly carrying out the Gall Bladder removal surgery. He is very much focused. Great treatment I got till now ever in my life. Thanks Doctor once again.

    Google Nov 28 2022
  • Anee

    It was a stress-free and friendly experience to have my laparoscopic surgery done under Dr. Gowda. He immediately identified my symptoms and I am out and about in my feet within a week from my diagnosis and surgery. Thanks.

    Google Dec 02 2022
  • Geeta

    Dr Maruthesh is one of the best doctors who saved my mother from a critical condition of lower abdominal pain.. this doctor diagnosed the problem from the root and told us excatly what kind of test needs to be done and also performed surgery on my mother and saved her life... Thank you so much doctor for guiding us the right way ...

    Google Dec 08 2022
  • Ranjitha

    Dr. Maruthesh Gowda is one of best doctors i have ever met. I had cancer in my pancrea. It was a complex surgery and everything went on smoothly as per his commitment. His charges/fee are quite nominal when compared. He has been very proactive in my case, following up on my reports and treating accordingly, avoiding unwanted tests/expenses. Always available for consultation, very patient and trustworthy.

    You are The best Doctor !

    Google Feb 03 2022
  • Ishaq

    Thank you Dr Muruthesh Gowda for the seamless surgery. You are a true example of evidence based treatment with patient education. You first explained me, shared me few articles to read and understand the depth of the problem to make me mentally prepare for the need, this is the most important thing we all in society look up to from a Doctor before diagnosis. I am not just recovering but feels confident that everything was managed well from start to finish!

    Google Feb 08 2022
  • Kala

    A very good Doctor. Known him since 5 years. His treatment never failed and only suggests the best for patient and thinks about their wellbeing. He explains ailments to his patients in a very good manner and responds to after surgery queries also very willingly. Thank you Doctor Maruthesh for your care and concern. My mom is doing good after your surgery.

    Google Feb 09 2022
  • Rahul

    The best doctor I can say in town. Clears all your doubts on whatsApp, I dont think other doctors do this.

    Due to which I had confidence , he is best at explaining the problems.

    Thank you doctor.

    Google Feb 22 2022
  • sharmila

    I got my laproscopy surgery done by Dr. Maruthesh gowda chikkappa... a very patient caring doctor... he takes extra effort in taking care of patient... I contacted him through video consultation.. he takes of every minute detail of patient and be with them in all aspects... a very good clinic to visit and trustable doctor... he is available at any moment... I am happy and guarantee other patients about our doctor... also MD of clinic Mrs supreeta maruthesh gowda is very sweet... thanks to both of them

    Google Feb 22 2022

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