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Dr. Santiago Arango Velez - Ophthalmologist Reviews in Medellin, Colombia

Carrera 43#29-35 Medellin Antioquia
Focus Area: Clinica de Oftalmologia Sandiego | Lasik Eye Treatment | Keratoconus, Cataract and Glaucoma Surgery | Cornea Transplant | Laser Treatment | Sandiego Ophthalmology Clinic in Medellin Colombia

About Dr. Santiago Arango Velez - Ophthalmologist

Dr. Santiago Arango Velez is a renowned Ophthalmologist in Medellin, Colombia. He works at the Clinica de Oftalmologia Sandiego, which is one of the best ophthalmology clinics in the city. The eye clinic provides various procedures such as lasik surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, cornea transplant, dry eye treatment and much more.

Eye/Lasik Care Reviews in Medellin, Colombia

  • Ashton M

    Dr Arango is a very good Opthalmologist and speaks perfect english.

    I initially booked a consultation for lasik for both myself and my wife. :During my consultation, he told me that it would be a good idea to fix my astigmatisms which I agreed with. He told my wife that the surgery wouldn't be necessary for her so don't worry about it. That shows a lot of integrity. Whereas most doctors would simply take your money, he actually cares about his patients and will not do something that is unnecessary for an extra buck.

    My case was kind of tough and I could tell that he was very passionate about getting it right. He truly cares about his work. I am sitting here writing this review exactly 8 days after surgery and my vision is starting to lock in. Lasik recovery is different for everyone and mine has taken 8 days to start to stabilize.

    My lasik was $1380 out the door with all the tests and medications and fees included. In the US it would have been around 5-8k for the same result.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with Dr Arango and the surgery and recommend him to people from the US looking for a good value and precise surgery from a very good doctor.

    Feb 01 2023
  • Johan

    The sector is wide and you find everything

    Google Mar 10 2022
  • Favio

    To get there by public transport, take Line 2 of MetroPlus/ Barrio Colombia. Excellent treatment by the medical staff, the facilities of the clinic are of a good standard. It is located opposite the Premium Plaza shopping center.

    Google Mar 03 2022
  • Sergio

    Very good recommend

    Google Apr 29 2022
  • Jose

    Very good facilities. Excellent location in the city. Registration for entry should be optimized and employees smile more!

    Google May 25 2022
  • Alejandro

    The doctors and facilities are excellent. highly recommended.

    Google May 30 2022
  • Jeanette

    It is an organized clinic, the elevators tell you which letter of the elevator to take, it is spacious and clean. They call it on the board in turns.

    Google Nov 07 2021
  • Juan

    Excellent attention

    Google Nov 09 2021
  • John

    Very organized, I did not know that they had a large set of specialists

    Google Dec 21 2021
  • jorge

    One of the best in the country, excellent professionals, they examined me in such a way that they were able to solve my doubts. I appreciate your tension and availability for patients, it also has one of the clean and well designed locations that can be seen in Medelli, that is not a lot of flow of people, it maintains the cleaning conditions with excellent standards.

    Google Jan 06 2022
  • Francisco


    Google Jan 20 2022

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