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Dental Care Clinic is a specialized dental health provider, which offers the optimum service quality to its patients using latest technology and techniques to maximize patient convenience, comfort and satisfaction offering dental implants, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, bridges and a lot more.

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  • Anonymous
    (5 out of 5)

    Today, on the 17th of May 2011, I am convalescing in Asia and I am writing this report firstly at the attention of PlacidWay and of Dr Karim Essmat as the manager of the dentists’ team who took care of my treatment in Cairo, mainly Dr Karim himself, Dr Ramez his b


  • Gina B
    (5 out of 5) huddersfield

    Having quite a 'hate' for dentists, my teeth was in a terrible state. At 23 years old it was something that needed to be corrected.

    I made arrangements with Dental Care Clinic, communication was at it's finest. They spoke incredible English which was a huge help for me to completely understand everything.
    Arriving at the practice I was amazed at how clean and orderly it was.
    We talked about what I wanted and the achievable look. I had many problems (things that I couldn't even see). I wanted 20 veneers, white and straight for my smile line to achieve the 'Hollywood smile'.
    I gave them an extremely small time frame of 1 week.
    They went to work straight away, drilling and shaving down teeth, fitting temporaries and giving me a day break before returning for work.
    After four short days, and a lot of overtime for the dentists... my veneers arrived.
    Sitting in the chair for about 4 hours having to keep my mouth open was extremely exhausting. I felt like I had ran a marathon. But finally the veneers was all in place and I now how the 'Hollywood smile'... the latest craze in cosmetic procedures.
    Although I've only had them for almost three days, I am completely satisfied. Myself, gums and mouth still need to get used to it and the difference but in all honesty I would go through it all again because the end look is amazing!!!

    The pain and sensitivity is one of the main reasons why I didn't like dentists. The Dr's at Dental Care Clinic always numbed areas they was working on... I never felt any pain! Which was a huge relief!
    The staff and Dr's was very professional and friendly, they knew everything they was talking about and was very confident. They kept me up to date with what they was doing, my mouth, teeth and of course the laboratory where my veneers was being made.
    Everything they knew - I knew, so I was never left in the dark.

    In the end I ended up getting 6 crowns, 15 veneers and 5/6 fillings.
    The final look is marvellous! So wonderful that I have decided to get the remaining of my teeth crowned. Then I will have the full 'Hollywood smile' and not just the smile line... Like they say "Go big or Go home".
    I paid a fraction of what I would of paid in England and I know I got better care/treatment.

    I'm no longer the girl walking past mirrors checking my hair... I'm the girl walking past mirrors smiling at myself =D

    Thank you to Dr Karim and Dr Ramez... you did a stunning job!!! =)


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