Hair Transplants Abroad - Do They Make Sense?

Useful Tips for Hair Implant Abroad

Hair Transplants Abroad

Men and women who have receding hairlines or thinning areas of scalp hair increasingly seek after hair implant techniques and technologies. Individuals with conditions like alopecia and male- and female-pattern baldness also seek help. Hair loss also recurs as a result of traumatic injuries to the scalp, such as those caused by burns or blunt force trauma.

Hair transplantation utilizes the grafting of hair follicles. Micro implants of hair are among the latest, safest, and most effective and long-lasting hair replacement treatments available today. Numerous options are available to those seeking hair transplants, including laser hair restoration, hair restoration surgery, and hair restoration transplants. Because hair restoration and hair transplants are considered elective procedures, they're not covered under most health insurance plans. In the United States, hair restoration surgeries can cost up to $10,000, while transplants can cost up to $15,000.

For this reason, hair transplant options abroad make perfect sense, especially to the individuals traveling across borders to seek a greater sense of self-esteem and self- confidence – in private. Hair transplants give individuals the appearance of a healthier and more full head of hair. Weak hair follicles cause hair loss, and is treatable. However, treatment prices often inhibit an individual's ability to engage in such techniques.

How Hair Transplants Work

Hair restoration transplants use healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp, which are then relocated and transplanted into an area of the scalp where the hair is missing, thinning, or severely damaged. A number of techniques are available in hair transplant facilities around the globe. The treatment, surgery, or technique for hair transplants depends on the severity of hair loss, the area to be treated, and the overall goals of the individual.

One of the newest hair transplant techniques available today is the C2G hair transplant technique, which enables individuals to keep their hair their usual length, and enjoy their usual hairstyle while undergoing graphs in a single procedure, rather than having undergo a shaving of the scalp area to be treated in preparation for follicular graft or unit transplantations. This technique is certainly less obvious and less embarrassing for patients.

New laser technologies are also beneficial in hair transplants for women experiencing alopecia or female hair loss. Low level or laser therapy is designed to increase blood flow in women's hair follicles, encouraging formerly dormant hair follicles to grow. The low level laser frequency prevents burning or damaging the scalp and increases
cell metabolism through its cold laser, which stimulates the production of nutrients and oxygen into the scalp and hair follicle roots.

Benefits to Hair Transplants Abroad

One of the greatest benefits to traveling abroad for hair transplants is the sense of privacy an individual may experience. Planning a vacation and a hair transplant session, or multiple sessions, while enjoying that vacation is just one of the benefits of traveling abroad for hair restoration or hair transplant procedures. Many men and women are extremely self-conscious about their hair loss, and many procedures, as mentioned, require individuals to shave part of their scalp in order to receive transplanted hair follicles. This can also be extremely unsettling for some patients, but when traveling abroad, you don't have to worry about who's going to recognize you.

Cost also plays a great role in the number of individuals who travel abroad for hair transplants. Such individuals often save thousands of dollars on hair transplant treatments, even after the cost of airfare and accommodations.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits for traveling abroad for hair restoration and transplant procedures is the number of excellent, qualify, and experienced doctors who offer the latest in high-tech equipment, techniques, and methods for hair restoration or transplant methods..

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