I always look forward to my monthly facials and visits to dermclinics; this time since May was all about mothers, as a mother of 3, I thought of treating myself to something new. As per advised by good friends, I visited Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute conveniently located in Paseo de Magallanes commercial center.

I was impressed on how they  conceptualized the institute because it definitely does not look like a typical cosmetic surgery clinic. Had I not read fully the name of the institute I wouldn't even have the slightest idea that I stepped in to a surgical clinic.

The lobby or receiving area was calm and serene. Once registered they will then lead you to the adjacent waiting room enhanced once more with its modern classical design.

Definitely not the usual dark, cold and eerie clinics we usually go to. Don't get intimidated by its name, although they are a "body sculpting institute" whose forte lies in the areas of slimming and body contouring (either surgical or non-surgical) they also offer the dermatological services we meticulous ladies love.

As I was waiting for my facial and (the something "new" for me that I decided to try) diamond peel I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Claudine S. Roura, the brains behind Contours who out of concern asked me if everything was okay and made sure I was taken cared of.

I was pleasantly surprised, she not only has the brains, but this young and attractive Board-certified dermatologist is a graduate of University of Santo. Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, my alma matter and with her long list of medical achievements which includes being awarded the 2005 Walter de Groot Phlebology Fellowship, I knew instantly I was in good hands.

Because of her great passion in the art of body sculpturing she had undergone extensive training and is proud to say that she is the first and only cosmetic surgeon certified to do VASER High Definition Liposculpture in the Philippines. She was personally trained by Dr. John Millard of Colorado,, USA and Dr. Hoyos, the "Father of VASER Hi-Definition Liposculpturing".

I am not much of a fan of "liposuction" because first, I wince on the idea of being cut up open and second because of the horrifying stories that I've heard regarding this procedure that is why I couldn't help myself but ask what makes the VASER Hi-Def treatment different from the "traditional liposuction".

Have you ever wondered what happens after religiously going to the gym and miraculously surviving all the diet do's and don'ts and achieving your desired weight and still you haven't actually achieved your desired "drop dead gorgeous body".

To be more specific, as far back as I can remember, after having 3 kids, I have been doing all sorts of crunches just to have my old abdominals backs; the one which I can be proud to show off especially in the beach. I've been doing crunches practically all my life and still not satisfied, then this is where VASER Hi-Definition Liposculpturing comes in.

Dr. Roura said VASER is best suited for men and women who are generally healthy and fit. These are the people who desire a more sculpted appearance without having to go through  pumping iron until you reach a "hulk" like appearance, yet in the end still not having the desired body contour.

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