PlacidWay and Infinity Clinic Ease Patients Access To Innovative Cell Therapy in Kiev Ukraine

PlacidWay and Infinity Clinic Ease Patients' Access To Innovative Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine

The doors of high quality and innovative medical procedures in Ukraine are now open for Medical Tourists from all over the world due to the tactical relationship shaped between the  Infinity Clinic in Kiev and PlacidWay, the primary Medical Tourism Company in the United States of America. Due to this partnership, people will have the possibility of trying the innovative cell therapy presented by the Infinity Clinic.

Cell Therapy in Ukraine

About Infinity Clinic

Infinity Clinic is a medical center situated in Kiev that offers quality and professional services, specially personalized for every patient. The clinicprovides a wide variety of medical services, starting from a simple massage or diagnostic to stem cell therapy, sport rehabilitation and anti-aging services.

Both of these organizations plan on working together to improve the stem cell therapy medical tourism in Kiev and beyond, but also in finding a way of helping as many people as possible. Infinity Clinic’s stem cell therapy is addressed to people battling many types of diseases and conditions.

“We consider this partnership to be an incredible opportunity, not only because we believe our clinic has a great cell therapy system, but also because we believe in the professionalism of our team and quality of the services we offer. I believe that this new partnership will help patients from across the world benefit from cell therapy and its incredible advantages. We truly hope it will be a very productive partnership with mutual benefits,” said Yuriy Derpak, M.D., Ph.D, Head Physician of the Infinity Clinic.

“With this partnership the stem cell programs offered by Infinity Clinic will reach many people who cannot access this innovative therapy in their countries. I believe that PlacidWay and Infinity Clinic will grow together and have the possibility of saving many lives from today on,” added Mr. Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay.

What makes Infinity Clinic really unique is the fact that the clinic's founders have been able to develop, after extensive research and practical applications, an absolutely new trend of regenerative medicine based on fetal pluripotent progenitor cells. The methods based on this discovery were patented in 2003 and are applied solely at Infinity Clinic. The cells are pluripotent, which means they are easily adaptable and they interact well with the patient’s immune system.

"Our extensive experience and large variety of fetal stem cells available gives us a unique opportunity to offer integrated treatment for anti aging, diabetes, arterial hypertension, sports trauma and rehabilitation for the athletes and non-professionals. Our highly professional and experienced doctors will study the patient's case, thoroughly examine them and develop individual program that will include infusions/injections of fetal stem cells, unique fetal placenta extract and other necessary procedures," said Yuriy Derpak, M.D., Ph.D, Head Physician of the Infinity Clinic.

Partnership between Placidway and Infinity Clinic, Ukraine

About PlacidWay

PlacidWay is a medical tourism company, opened back in 2007, which quickly evolved and developed into one of the leaders in this industry. The company is based in the United States of America and its primary job is to connect patients with healthcare facilities, providing full-time services and solutions to those in need. The US-based company has expanded in 40 countries and has partnerships with more than 500 high class medical centers.


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