Kidney Transplant in Turkey Can Change Your Life

What Is a Kidney Transplant and Who Needs It, Kidney Transplant in Turkey: Main Regulations, Why Choose Turkey for a Kidney Transplant, The Benefits of Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant in Turkey Can Change Your Life

Kidney Transplant in Turkey Can Change Your Life

Kidney transplant procedures ensure the replacement of an ill kidney with a healthy one. It is necessary for patients who are in their end stage of renal disease, caused by infections, diabetes, malignant hypertension or polycystic kidney disease, and it is a life-saving type of procedure.

Thanks to medical tourism patients have access to timely kidney transplants, performed by highly skilled surgeons. Turkey is one of the top destinations for anorgan transplant, a country which performed the first kidney transplant from a live donor in 1975. The survival rates for patients undergoing this procedure in Turkey are above 90%.

What Is a Kidney Transplant and Who Needs It?

The kidney transplant ensures the removal of the ill organ and its replacement with a healthy one. In most cases, patients in their end stages of renal disease are considered perfect matches for such surgical interventions. Finding a donor is sometimes challenging but in most cases, family members are the ones who come to the rescue. An important aspect to mention at this stage is the fact that the receiver and the donor must have a compatible ABO blood group and a matching HCLA system.

Kidney Transplant in Turkey: Main Regulations

If you consider undergoing a kidney transplant in Turkey you should know that there are important regulations that stand at the center of this procedure.

According to the law of the Republic of Turkey, kidney transplants are possible for international patients only if:

  • The candidate donor is at least 18 years old and mentally balanced
  • The blood groups of the recipient and donor are compatible
  • The candidate does not have a known medical condition (heart or lung disease, cancer, etc.) or overweight problem
  • The candidate donor is relative of the patient or his/her spouse up for forth degree.
  1. First degree: mother, father, child,
  2. Second degree: sibling, grandfather, grandmother, grandchild,
  3. Third degree: paternal/ maternal uncle, aunt, cousin (child of sibling)
  4. Fourth degree: children of third degree relatives.

The patient will have to show documents or certificates from his/her localauthorities to certify the relationship with the donor and their matching blood group.

In the past only the kidney transplants from a first-degree relative (father, mother, brother, sister) were successful, but thanks to the modern anti-rejection drugs, transplants from relatives up to 4th degree work well too.

According to the Organ Transplantation Lawbuying and selling organs and tissues for a monetary amount or another interest are forbidden. It is not allowed to harvest a kidney from a person younger than 18 years old.

Turkey for a Kidney Transplant

Why Choose Turkey for a Kidney Transplant?

Turkey has become an important center of live donor organ transplantation, being the 3rd country in the world with regard to liver, bone marrow, kidney and face transplantation procedures. Organ transplantation patients and donors who choose Turkey benefit from high technologic equipment, the ultimate medical services and care, internationally recognized high quality standards and experienced team of experts.

The price for a kidney transplant in Turkey varies from $25,000 to $32,000, which is significantly lower compared to $200,000 in the US. The price includes the complete medical examination and a pre-operative evaluation for the donor and the recipient, one dialysis session, donor and recipient surgery, medical supplies and nursing services, surgeon’s fees, post-operative evaluations for donor and recipient, routine medications used for procedure, and the stay in a standard hospital room with companion and meals.

In Turkey, there are no waiting lists and you will be offered proper care from day one until you get out of the hospital with a healthy kidney.

The Benefits of Kidney Transplant

There are numerous benefits in the case of successful kidney transplants. They eliminate the need for continuous dialysis which gives patients their freedom and health back. Fewer restrictions on fluid intake and diet after receiving a new kidney are also important benefits to mention. Highly relevant is that getting back to a normal quality life is now possible through akidney transplant in Turkey. Kidney transplantation can extend the life of the patient suffering from the end-stage renal disease by 10 to 15 years, compared to a patient that is being kept on dialysis.

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