Dental Tourism in Tijuana Mexico

Why Tijuana Could be Your Next Best Destination to get Dental Treatment

A great number of dental patients especially from Canada and the USA are traveling to Tijuana, Mexico for getting affordable and high quality dental procedures and treatment. The city is welcoming a great number of dental patients throughout the year, because people can easily travel to Tijuana by plane or car from San Diego. The weather in the city is pleasant and moderate and with dental work you can enjoy other fun activities in the city.   

Dental care is very affordable in the city. For example, a standard porcelain crown will cost you a modest $295 in Tijuana compared to around $1,000 in USA and dental fillings are around $60, which is about 50% cheaper than Canada and USA.

Besides dental work people travel to Tijuana for staying in its popular boutique hotel called One Bunk, which is an art house film theater that features an exquisite restaurant called Cine Tonala along with a rooftop bar. People also love Mexican Breakfasts at La Carmelita and nearby there is a great coffee place called Far Niente. And that’s not it, all you music buffs can jam in fun establishments like Dandy Del Sur, Moustache Bar and El Tinieblo.     

Facts about Dental Treatment in Tijuana

  • The dental clinics comply with medical standards and focus on overall health and sanitation
  • The clinics in the city are equipped with the latest technology for facilitating high quality treatment of a wide variety of dental conditions
  • Dentists in Tijuana provide a comprehensive set of dental services, providing both expertise and experience in all facets of dentistry
  • The Ministry of Health in the country keeps a close watch on dental clinics and frequent inspections are very common. Therefore, dental centers are very safe and visited by a massive number of Canadian and American medical tourists each year.

Services Offered

Dental facilities in Tijuana offer a wide variety of dental procedures and treatments, like:

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