AMONG people around, you are seen as one of the blessed few. Thanks to friendly genes or fanatical commitment to hard work. Your typical week is characterized by workouts at the gym every other day. Your curves are in the right places. It's a physique easily describable as whistle-bait or drop-dead gorgeous. To look at you is to wonder how nature can be generous to one and ignore all the rest!

Yet, despite what is generally a slew of rave reviews, you still could use a few muscle definitions here and there. Truth be told, some parts of your body are simply exercise-resistant. And no amount of visits to the gym or rigorous workout regimen can let you see the desired results within the desired time frame.

Whine no more. The advanced liposuction technique that enhances the visibility of well-toned muscles has reached Philippine shores. VASER high-definition liposculpture targets men and women who would otherwise never have considered themselves in need of liposuction.

Ideal candidates for Liposuction

Because VASER High-Def was conceived to be a sculpting rather than a debulking technique, a person who has good muscle tone but does not have an excessive amount of fat or lax skin is the perfect candidate for the procedure.

What will do even more wonders to your body is the selectivity the VASER instrument represents. The procedure can target only those exercise-resistant areas by selectively liquefying the fat in those areas. Such selectivity also allows the surgeon to target specific fat layers to create the desired sculpted appearance without damaging connective tissue.

Adjunct to fitness program

That VASER High-Def is intended for generally fit men and women who seek greater visibility of their muscular detail makes the procedure a sensible adjunct to a fitness program rather than a response to failure. This is good news to people who have trouble achieving the muscle definition they want in spite of a workout routine they commit to like a second religion.

The highly advanced liposuction technique VASER High-Def zeroes in and removes small fat deposits around specific muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the natural contours. It is not uncommon for patients to delight at the sight of that six-packs,washboard abs they got after undergoing the procedure. Rather than looking down at VASER High-Def as failure to achieve fitness, these people look up to it as enhancement of their current form.

Regarded as the last word in body contouring, VASER High-Def is the brainchild of Colombian plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos, M.D., widely touted as the "father of VASER high-definition liposculpting". It was under Hoyos' expert tutelage that Dr. Claudine Roura, FPDS, got her training in VASER High-Def, making her the first and only Filipino cosmetic surgeon  trained and certified to perform the procedure.

Roura at the helm, Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute makes available to Filipinos VASER High-Definition Liposculpture that is proven as revolutionary as it is effective. Just one of the numerous dermatological and cosmetic surgery services the clinic offers, the procedure eliminates the risks and complications normally associated with traditional liposuction. Not to mention reduced operating times as well as remarkably shorter recovery period.

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