Orthopedic Surgery Costs Worldwide

Orthopedic surgeries comprise all the surgical interventions which have to do something with the joints in the body (knee joints, elbow joints, hip joints, or any other). As such, they are usually necessary so that the patient can continue their life in a normal fashion. However, more often than not, these procedures are not covered by insurance. Instead, the patients have to search for the best deal as a way to get the necessary operation and not pay ridiculous amounts of money. Because of this, a lot of these patients turn to foreign countries as a way to save money.

Knowing this, we have decided to compile a list of our more financially favorable destinations where you can get a quality orthopedic service without paying too much. It should be noted, however, that a low price does not guarantee a service of the finest quality. You should look for other factors, apart from the price, when you decide on a clinic and a surgeon who will conduct the surgery. Factors like experience, quality of the facilities, and the doctor’s knowledge should be the primary things you should look at. Only then should you see what the price is.

What is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgeries are all surgeries that are somehow connected to joints and bones in the body. The orthopedic field of medicine deals with such problems as wear-and-tear injuries of the joints, sports injuries of bones, muscles, joints, and nerves, and other types of damages to these parts of the body.

The types of surgeries depending on the type of injury, and some surgeries can be laparoscopic (or minimally-invasive), while others demand an open surgery in order to accomplish the best results. In some cases, the joint has to be completely replaced by a mechanical one, while other types of injuries require stem cells to be used as a supplement. Like it was said, it all depends on the type of injury. 

Most Expensive Orthopedic Surgeries

Hip replacement, Spinal fusion, Knee Replacements and treating fracture or dislocation of hip and femur are most expensive orthopedic surgeries arround the world but you no need to worry there are some places around the world where you can get these expensive procedures in affordable prices.

Types of orthopedic surgery procedures

Since there are different types of joints, bones, and muscles, there are different types of orthopedic procedures. Some procedures are, however, more common, as the injuries they treat are more common, as well. These procedures are:

What is the Benefit of Orthopedic Surgery

The Most Important Benefit of orthopedic surgery is that it reduces pain and increases the functionality of your body. It allows the people to return to normal activities.

Orthopedic Surgery Prices World Wide

How Much Does an Orthopedic Visit Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of an orthopedic visit varies greatly by country and can range from around $4,625 in India to $40,000 in the United States. These figures are average costs for orthopedic surgeries without insurance and can differ based on the specific procedure and location within each country.


Average Orthopedic Surgeries Prices


from $7,900


from $7,085


from $12,000


from $4,625


from $10,000


from $8,000


from $7,000


from $6,500


from $14,000


from $18,800


from $13,500


from $14,000


from $7,135

United States

from $40,000


from $35,000

United Kingdom

from $31,000

The costs of these surgeries differ greatly across the world for the simple reason of different overhead costs. This includes the costs of equipping the clinic and upgrading the equipment, the cost of paying the staff their salaries, and, of course, paying rent which is higher the more developed the country is.

When looking at the prices available on Placidway, we can come to some conclusions. The prices for orthopedic procedures range greatly, starting from $3,700 for an Arthroscopy in Poland, to an ACL repair surgery in the USA which costs $15,000. The average price for orthopedic surgery on Placidway is around $8,000. This is the price that we recommend looking for, as it will ensure that you do not spend too much money, while at the same time getting the quality procedure that you need in order to continue to have a healthy life. However, this is just our advice and you are free to do with it as you please. 

6 Best Countries for Orthopedic Surgery

Poland, India, Mexico, Italy, Moldova and Turkey are the cheapest and best countries for orthopedic surgery in the world where board-certified surgeons providing high-quality treatments in affordable prices.

1. Turkey

Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey offers a unique combination of experienced surgeons, top-notch facilities and cost savings. For those looking to get world-class orthopedic care without having to pay the exorbitant prices charged anywhere else, Turkey may be the perfect option for them. Not only does it have some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world, with years of experience providing superior patient care, but its modern surgical facilities are second to none. Additionally, because of its location, the cost of treatments like orthopedic surgeries can be significantly lower than elsewhere--up to 70% cheaper. If you want trustworthy Orthopedic Surgery provided at an affordable rate, Turkey is hard to beat.

2. Poland

Polish doctors and surgeons have seen a massive improvement in their expertise and knowledge when their country has entered the European Union. This has allowed them to join various study programs abroad and enabled them access to new technologies and practices which they were more than eager to bring and apply in their own country. This, coupled with great investments in the medical infrastructure, has brought Poland on the medical tourism map with a large number of patients flocking each year to have orthopedic surgeries there. The average price of an orthopedic procedure in Poland is $7,135. The cheapest procedure is Arthroscopy, which costs $3,700, while the most expensive is $19,000, which is a knee surgery procedure.

3. India

India is a place of many wonders, but one of their biggest wonders was their improvement in the medical field over the past two decades. With careful planning and decisive actions, they have managed to get their country among the top ones when it comes to medical prowess and professionalism. If you wish to have an orthopedic procedure in India, the average price you would have to pay is $4,625. The most expensive procedure is priced at $13,000 for a Hip Replacement Surgery, while the cheapest procedure is a Meniscus Repair, and it costs $1,125.

4. Italy

Italy has been one of the leading countries when it comes to orthopedic procedures for a few decades now. Their long-term membership in the EU, as well as their good economic standing,  has allowed them to have access to the latest developments in the field and lead the progress in some areas. It is beyond a doubt that any orthopedic procedure done in Italy will be bad, however, their prices reflect that. The average price for orthopedic surgery in Italy is $18,800. The most expensive is the hip replacement surgery, which costs $28,500, while the least expensive is carpal tunnel surgery, which starts at $4,580.)

5. Moldova

Moldova is a relatively small country, but like most Eastern European countries, their medicine is well-developed and the medical staff there is highly knowledgeable. You can be sure that you will get really good treatment here, while still paying prices that are well below Western standards. The average price for an orthopedic procedure in Moldova is $2,243. There is little difference between the most expensive and the least expensive procedure, the latter being a Bunionectomy at $1,282, and the former a knee surgery at $2,795.

6. Mexico

Mexico, as we have already said before, is a go-to country for the people from the United States because it offers similar expertise (even the same with US doctors working across the border) at much lower prices than in the US. Given its proximity to the US, it is no wonder that many people visit this country for problems with hips, knees, and elbows every year. The average cost of orthopedic procedures in Mexico is $7,900. The most expensive procedure is hip replacement surgery, which costs $18,400, while the least expensive is trigger finger surgery, at $1,800.

10 Best Orthopedic Hospitals in the World

When looking for orthopedic surgery abroad, most people will look first to see the price tag and decide on a clinic simply because they will pay less at one clinic compared to the rest. While we understand that saving money is of great concern to everyone in this day and age, we still recommend that the price shouldn’t be the deciding factor when settling on a clinic where the surgery will be performed. The only factor that should be considered in this case is the surgeon who will perform the procedure. One bad move by a surgeon and you could be left with a bad joint that will haunt you for the rest of your life (or force you to spend more money on fixing the mistake). For this reason, it is always important to ask the proper questions before deciding and to see to all the factors which are relevant for choosing an orthopedic surgeon.

Hospitals Countries
Florence Nightingale Hospital Turkey
Dr Max Greig Clinic Mexico
Turan Turan Health Group Turkey
Bilgi Hastanesi Turkey
Canadian Specialist Hospital UAE
Private Algomed Hospital Turkey
Family Hospital Mexico
Optimed International Hospital Turkey
MJRC Clinic Turkey
Sports Medicine System Mexico
Canadian Specialist Hospital UAE

Thankfully, there are many places in the world where you can get high-quality orthopedic care at a fraction of the cost. In India, for example, some of the best hospitals in the world are located, and they offer top-notch treatment at a fraction of what it would cost in the US or UK. So if you're looking for an affordable place to have your surgery done, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help you find the best hospital for your needs.

If you wish to find out more about orthopedic procedures around the world, or you wish to know more about doctors, clinics, prices, and packages, feel free to contact us and/or get a free quote for your preferred procedure.

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