Substance-Abuse and Drug Addiction Treatments in Russia

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Substance-Abuse and Addiction Treatments in Russia

Drug abuse and substance abuse is rampant around the world. Addictions and substance abuse are not limited to narcotics and alcohol, but can include prescription drug use, gambling, or any other type of behavior detrimental to physical and emotional well-being. Rehabilitation for such addictions utilizes various methods of treatment, depending on the severity of the addiction, the age of the individual, the duration of the addiction as well as the mental outlook and behaviors of the person experiencing the addiction.

Traditional treatments for substance abuse and drug addiction have involved detox programs where the body is weaned off alcohol, drugs, or the behavior, and include counseling, and in some cases, medications designed to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

However, new diagnostics and treatment for chemical dependencies have been explored around the world, one of the most notable being engaged by Dr. Nikolay Vorobiev, native of Russia, with clinics in six international locations within Russia and Serbia. Practicing for nearly 2 decades, Dr. Vorobiev treatments include painless detoxification, eliminating addiction, substance aversive therapies, psychotherapies, and a blend of complementary or nonmedical therapies that include but are not limited to acupuncture, massage, and a treatment called criotherapy.


Dr. Vorobiev offers high-quality treatment of drug addiction to marijuana, heroin, cocaine as well as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. Combining methodologies of physical and physiological approaches to deal with addictions, Dr. Vorobiev's clinics offer detoxification, which generally lasts two to four days, psychotherapy, and aversion therapy designed to create an intense dislike or distaste of the specific addiction a person is suffering from. In order to encourage long-term success and support, staff follows up with patients on out-treatment basis for a minimum of one year to help patients retain their sobriety.

Dr. Vorobiev's rehabilitation clinic are approved by the Ministry of Health, while Serbian locations are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. Though small facilities, staff at each location are able to focus and specialize on individual patients, with staff including psychotherapies, internal medicine specialists, psychologists, and anesthesiologists as well as psychiatrists.

Treatments include overcoming psychological addictions, psycho-pharmacotherapy, group and individual therapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, and implantations that block opiate receptors. International patients come from the United States, Norway, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Montenegro, and Bosnia, as well as Serbia and Russia. Duration of treatment programs averages between one and nine months, though some may extend beyond that, depending on need.

Addiction is known to be a chronically progressive disease. However, the goal and success of drug addiction treatment depends on the duration and type of abuse that has been experienced, related services, and post-treatment support and encouragement. Addictions can be managed, but special attention must be paid to the disruptive effect of addiction on the brain as well as behaviors. Dr. Vorobiev's rehabilitation clinic methodologies provide the physical and psychological support to encourage long-term drug remission and continues to grow in popularity as success rates and statistics continue to rise.

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