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Addictions of any kind are detrimental to the health of an individual, but many forget the hardship it places on the family to deal with family members under the influence of drugs and alcohol – and even addictions like gambling.


Starting Over with Drug Treatment and Rehab - by: PlacidWay | Dr. Vorobiev

Drug treatment at Dr. Vorobiev's treatment facility in Mexico, located in a variety of beautiful, peaceful and secluded location, offers individuals the privacy and emotional and physical support they need to deal with drug and alcohol abuse as well as other forms of addiction.


Safe, Effective Detoxification & Cleansing in a Nurturing Environment - by: Rachael Baseley | Sanoviv Medical Institute

However, in our increasingly toxic world, we are bombarded by pollution, pesticides, processed food, stimulants, stress, and other toxins. While our body is trying to deal with these toxins, we then deprive it of essential nutrients needed to neutralize and dispose of them.

Results 1 - 3 of 3