A Lovelier Lovely Rivero - How VASER transformed my life

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She had one of the prettiest faces in the famous That's Entertainment show, making her name truly befitting. Lovely Rivero was captivatingly lovely back in the '80s when she shone her brightest. And up until now, in her midlife, she remains beautiful.

She admits that there were times when she looked in the mirror and saw an ugly and old woman. She started putting on pounds and her usual exercise and diet did not seem to work as well as they used to. Stubborn fat appeared in unflattering places. Her clothes did not fit anymore. She felt depressed and lost interest in making herself beautiful.

With the new year coming in, Lovely decided to do something new.

"The new year always gives us hope and renewed enthusiasm to start fresh and to try and be better persons. I felt it is a good time to have a better body and to start feeling good about myself again," Lovely shares.

And so, as 2010 started, Lovely went all out. She underwent a total body liposculpture procedure.

"I wanted to feel good about my body and myself again. In showbusiness, you have to look good and look younger than your age because that is part of the package. Looking good is an obligation and a responsibility. But, even as a regular person, I believe that when you look good, you feel good and you become more productive because you are confident, energetic and full of life," Lovely says.

Dr. Claudine Roura, the pioneer of the VASER® Lipo System in the Philippines, was more than happy to help Lovely regain her figure. Dr. Roura did the procedure herself—removing fat and sculpting Lovely’s arms, back, abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs, legs and butt. Dr. Roura's Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute is the first and only cosmetic surgery center in the Philippines certified to do VASER High Definition Liposculpture. Lovely knew she was in good hands.

"I'm happy beyond words," says Lovely. "The little pain and discomfort brought about by the procedure was well worth it."

Dr. Roura targeted the areas of Lovely's body that needed sculpting and contouring. "She did the procedure with such precision and competence! She did not only trim down my arms, she shaped it to the point that people now notice that my shoulders are in better shape. I never had the guts to wear sleeveless clothes because I have always been conscious of my arms but now, I'm totally into tube and halter tops," Lovely beams.

The star of numerous films did her research before deciding to undergo the procedure. She studied several cosmetic doctors, read about new technologies of removing body fat, and looked around for the best professional body care in the country.

"I chose Contours because I read the credentials of Dr. Roura. Her training from the U.S.A. confirmed that she knows what she is doing. I also felt special because she and her staff took time to really find out my needs. She planned every step of the procedure to make sure that we both knew what was going to happen and the outcome that we should expect. She explained every detail to me and answered all my questions honestly. Contours treats patients with importance and leaves nothing to chance so I am very comfortable with their team. True enough, I made the right choice. Dr. Roura is not just a great doctor, she is an artist as well," Lovely says happily.

Asked whether she was not contented with her body before, Lovely answered that she is thankful for what God has given her and believes that enhancements and improvements are part of taking care of her body. For Lovely though, cosmetic procedures are never a remedy for any deep seated insecurities or emotional or mental imbalance that one may have. "You must first be a 'whole' person inside so that whatever you do to improve your outside appearance can complement what or who you are inside," Lovely shares.

The actress reveals that she is a simple, low maintenance person. Her beauty regimen is simple as well. She goes for regular facials, only wears make-up when necessary, and never forgets to clean her face every day. She also uses a moisturizer and sunblock. For her body, now that Dr. Roura has made it almost perfect again, Lovely promises to maintain it by doing yoga and playing badminton. She is likewise trying to live a healthy lifestyle—she does not smoke and only drinks during social occasions.

The now lovelier Lovely wants other women and men to experience feeling good about themselves, too. She highly recommends Contours to her friends, she even distributed brochures to her shows abroad.

Lovely has this to say to all the women out there who need a little "freshening up": "If you think undergoing a cosmetic procedure will help you look good and feel better about yourself, do not hesitate. Go to a reputable clinic such as Contours and talk it over with the doctor. This might be the best gift that you will give to yourself. I made that choice, and I am very happy with my decision."

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by: Robbie Pangilinan

2010-02-22 / Updated on: 2021-01-08

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