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Health and Wellness Offered By Tomorrow Science

Imagine a world where you quickly have a swab or blood sample taken and after a few days the secrets of your unique gene code are revealed – gearing you for longevity and excellent health.

No, it's not science fiction or the wishful thinking of an aspiring health expert. This technology is very real and it's already used today. It provides people with the necessary tools to understand and manage their overall wellness.

This revolutionary science is called nutrigenomics and it is so powerful that it can ward off various environmentally induced diseases and help with cancer prevention, anti-aging, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular problems.

To become privy to the secrets of your genotype, you need to partner with a skilled health practitioner who knows how to interpret the test results and who can assist you with a personalised health plan.

Their utilisation of nutrigenomics gives Cape Town-based Blueprint Health an edge in a competitive industry. Executives, managers and health tourists from all over the globe are now offered the opportunity to reap the benefits of a programme that will help them flourish in every aspect of life.

Healthy executive, prosperous business

Blueprint Health acknowledges that executives and managers worldwide are increasingly becoming aware of how the competitive corporate game takes its toll on their health. Badly managed health and burnout in high flyers lead to lower levels of productivity and functioning ?escalating in a loss of knowledge capital and institutional memory.

But with Blueprint Health and the phenomenon that is nutrigenomics these executives get access to a sustainable health portfolio management solution that will ensure that they (and their organisations) stay on top.

The executive package does not only give people access to the science of nutrigenomics – it also includes the services of a health portfolio manager. This is a long-term partnership, helping clients to translate the genetic test results and develop a tailor-made health programme. The genetic test results provide targets for active intervention and incorporate healthy lifestyle components such as a specific diet and exercise plan, as well as individual coaching.

By applying these components in a way that compliments people's genetic code, excellent health and longevity are so much easier to obtain – not to mention improved performance and productivity.

Break away for a health holiday

The best way for the executive or health consumer to jump-start their new lifestyle, is to make use of one the fantastic wellness holiday packages.

All of Blueprint Health's vacation packages include genetic testing. During the client's stay at one of the exotic venues, the relationship between clients and their portfolio managers is also established.

Taking the selected package into account, the results of the genetic test (plus food sensitivities) are combined with physical measures and lifestyle factors to identify combinations of risk factors that may lead to disease progression if left untreated. The Blueprint Health team will start implementing a client's personal programme during the wellness holiday, while still leaving them enough time to relax and enjoy a luxury stay.

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2010-04-02 / Updated on: 2022-03-24

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