Why Dental Clinics should be Closed during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Dental Care during COVID-19

 Why Dental Clinics should be Closed during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the temporary closure of many businesses worldwide. This closure includes not just entertainment, leisure, and so-called “non-essential” businesses and shops. In fact, those involved in the field of dentistry are also impacted by the pandemic.

The Covid19 has forced many dental clinics to close their doors indefinitely. But the question is, why does this have to happen? What caused dentists to close their practices during the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus and Its Impact on Dental Clinics

Dental practices have witnessed widespread closures across the globe - and Covid19 is the primary reason for this. This has left many people asking why there is a need for this closure to happen.

The answer is rather obvious - dentists are among the many healthcare professionals that deal with the virus closely. Their work involves being in close proximity to their patient’s oral cavity and throat during the treatment process. As they perform dental work, they use tools and pieces of equipment that expose them to aerosols, blood, and droplets coming from their patient’s mouths.
These bodily fluids may land on surfaces and the skin of dental staff, which exposes them to potential infection.

Thus, it can be very difficult for dentists to continue their work while at the same time limiting their exposure to coronavirus. The contagion risk is high each time they work on their patient’s teeth.

Additionally, the closure of dental practices during the pandemic can help limit the person-to-person transmission of the virus. There are also regulations set in place such as social distancing that people need to comply with. As a result, patients take the initiative to cancel their dental appointments and decide to remain at home.

This has resulted in many dentists’ decision to temporarily close their dental practices with the hope of limiting the spread of Covid19. Meanwhile, dentists continue to advise their patients to continue implementing oral hygiene techniques to promote healthy teeth and gums during these times that they cannot obtain professional dental treatment.


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by: Lorand Gergely | Contident

2020-04-20 / Updated on: 2021-10-08

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