A gentleman from Britain that recently had a leg injury while skiing in France, instead of going to the local hospital, he went on the internet.  He found a place in Norway that provided the treatment he needed.  He booked his flight and off he went.

Why did he choose to travel rather than get treatment locally?  He is like many people from Britain, Canada, and the United States that are becoming medical tourists.  In the British man’s case, he wanted to go to Norway in order to avoid a growing concern over a very contagious germ called MRSA that plagues many hospitals in Britain and other countries.  There are over 5,000 deaths in hospitals a year in Britain caused by infections people contracted while staying in a hospital.  Norway has the lowest percentage of MRSA infections in Europe and has become a destination for those looking for quality and safe healthcare practices.


Today, over 1.3 million medical tourists are seeking low-cost, high-quality healthcare options in top tourist destinations around the world.  Europeans are increasingly selecting Scandinavian countries such as Norway which offer serene environmentsa and like culture.


One of the other concerns that this British man had was that he was going to have to wait four weeks for a consultation with a specialist in Britain.  Upon contacting Scanhealth Scandinavia, he was able to book his trip in a couple of days, see a specialist, and have the surgery that same day.


Another woman from Wales needed an MRI and was told she would have to wait 18 months.  She contacted Scanhealth Scandinavia and was able to go immediately to Norway to get the same procedure.  They promised that they would do the surgery, if needed, the same day.  She fortunately did not need surgery for her shoulder.  The price tag?  It would have cost 325 pounds for the procedure would have had to wait for over a year to receive.  Her trip to Norway including the procedure was only 500 pounds.  One of the benefits for her was that Norway was so much like Wales that it was like being home.


This same testimonial is echoed by a couple that are receiving fertility treatments in Norway for less than they would in Britain.  They stated that it was nice to get treatment right away, for less money, and it was comforting that they were being treated by people who spoke English as they did.


The testimonials about the wonderful care and comfort people found in Scandinavia are overwhelming.  If you are interested in getting medical care, you have been waiting for months to receive and get them for fraction of the cost, then log on to Placidway.com today.  PlacidWay presents you global healthcare possibilities that are comprehensive, economical, world-class, and without borders.  PlacidWay is your one stop for all of your medical tourism needs.