Best Health and Wellness Center in Selce, Croatia

Terme Selce is a health and wellness center located in Selce, Croatia. The health and sports center is located along the gorgeous coastline of the northern Adriatic Sea. The facility is geared for those wishing to improve their health and wellness, improve their fitness levels, as well as receive specialized physical therapy and recovery for surgeries or illnesses.

About Terme Selce

Terme Selce specializes in prevention and diagnostics in physical and sports medicine and rehabilitation in a beautiful location to not only enjoy a vacation but also receive the best in physical therapy and sports fitness care. One of the best things about Terme Selce is that it's easily accessible by countries throughout Western Europe and offers dozens of professional staff who work as a team, providing an individualized approach to every patient and their needs.

Terme Selce has made a name for itself in recent years as a
treatment center for Olympic athletes, the Croatian Ski Team, the Croatian Handball team, and the Croatian National Football Team, as well as other world champions from around the globe. Terme Selce specializes in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and physical therapy following surgeries such as arthroscopy and ACL reconstruction, as well as treatment for individuals diagnosed with arthritis. Staff at Terme Selce also focuses on helping increase mobility and ambulation for individuals diagnosed with conditions like cerebral palsy, paralysis, and multiple sclerosis.

For over two decades, Terme Selce has provided excellent care for individuals facing professional challenges as well as those experiencing long-term effects of stress, circulatory problems, and heart conditions.

What does Terme Selce Offer?

Terme Selce offers services in diagnostics, psychological counseling, sports programs, physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as a variety of approaches to medical health and wellness for stress and weight loss. They also offer health and beauty packages that include just plain good old-fashioned relaxation, massages, rejuvenation therapies, and anti-cellulite programs.

Their sports program includes medical checkups, isokinetic treatments and therapies, studies on balancing and gait as well as overall assessments. Their diagnostics program offers examination by physicians of different specialties: physiatrist orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologist, vascular surgeon, cardiologist, dermatologist, general surgeon and urologist. The physical therapy and rehabilitation program offers therapies and
treatments for musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions of peripheral nerves as well as vascular conditions.

For example, patients of the sports and sports injury program at Terme Selce undergo pre-operative and postoperative physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as education regarding sports injury prevention. Patients also undergo review and monitoring by specialists, and experience three to six physiotherapy procedures on a daily basis.

Visiting Croatia

Today, Croatia has become one of the most popular medical destinations due to superlative treatments and a number of medical fields. Terme Selce offers effective therapies and has become one of the most popular and visited sports therapy and sports injury prevention centers in all of Europe.

Because of its proximity to the Adriatic Sea, Terme Selce is also a beautiful location for rehabilitation. During breaks in therapy, patients are encouraged to visit the beach and lounge in the sunshine. Walking along the boardwalk every evening and strolling along the beach by moonlight also helps provide mental and emotional benefits combined with physical therapies and treatments.

Croatia, known as the Land of Thousand Islands, is located between the eastern side of the Alps and the Danube River. There's always something for visitors to do in Croatia, which not only offers the ultimate in European vacation destinations, but as one of the most competitive health and medical destinations for affordable and safe treatments in Europe.

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