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Selce 51266, 1. prilaz I.L.Ribara 8, Selce 51266, Croatia
Specialty: Sports Medicine
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Terme Selce | Sports Medicine Profile Overview

TERME SELCE has been acknowledged as a center for injury prevention, diagnostics, medical care, basic training, therapy and rehabilitation for professional athletes and amateur sportsmen for over 15 years. Its programs were developed by Dr Vlasta Brozičević, specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She works with many top level Olympic and professional sportsmen.

Being focused on the medical and psychological rehabilitation, fitness and training needs of sportsmen, Dr Brozičević has developed an individualized sport & medical protocol featuring a variety of treatment modalities, named TS*APSP, an abbreviation for Terme Selce* Advanced Professional Sports Program.

TERME SELCE Health and Sport Center has an experienced and highly qualified staff of 40 employees. Through their multidiscipline approach and teamwork, this staff have ensured excellent results with their clients. The staff of doctors of various medical specializations, physiotherapists, masseurs, nurses, coaches, kinesiologists and others provide a variety of services within highly individualized treatment protocols.

The  TERME SELCE team has provided treatment for  and monitored the sports careers of many sportsmen of all ages and sports types - recreational and professional, juniors and seniors, and in individual or team sports.

Competitive Amateur and Professional Sportsmen' Needs
Competitive amateur and professional athletes work hard on their skills every day and they are exposed to extreme efforts which disrupt their physical and psychological balance, exposing them to the risk of injury, chronic fatigue, infections, stress and low self-esteem. Even the burn-out syndrome can become a reality for some athletes.

The coaches and managers conducting a sportsman's career sometimes cannot identify moments of personal or physical crisis, nor can they objectively or holistically evaluate the performance possibilities of their athlete.

The problem becomes even greater when significant injuries occur; at this point the duration and success of a sportsman's career is often in question.

To anticipate risks, to avoid crises and to act primarily through prevention rather than intervention, the TERME SELCE’s expert team has developed methods for continuous support and workout systems for specific and advanced sports programs for competitive amateurs and professional sportsmen that have repeatedly led to excellent results.

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Terme Selce | Sports Medicine Treatments Offered

Pre-preparation work-out programs for sportsmen
It's important for the coaches of top level athletes to know which adjustments in basic training should be made and carried out at certain times: following a battery of tests and other methods, we provide such information for them and make the regular training individually more successful.

We further provide individual workout programs for sportsmen that at some specific moment were not able to:

  • fully comply with the requests of the coach or
  • follow their previously planned training program or
  • follow their team pace in general.

Prevention of sports injuries and ensuring sports progress
Top-level amateur and professional sportsmen, especially in individual sports, need neutral experts to gain the following information:

  • objectively evaluate their performance,
  • define their risks of injuries and prevent them,
  • possibly eliminate physical and psychological limits,
  • make conditions for sport progress and
  • maximize the likeli head top-level performance.

Sometimes the request for objective evaluation and direction is given by the athlete himself, if he/she wishes to achieve more or quicker progress; sometimes it is requested by the athletes coach and/or manager.

Handling crises & enabling sports come-back after injuries

  • for a successful come-back following a sport injury / surgery – with an effective therapy and rehabilitation plan,
  • for handling or by-passing of physical and psychological crises during a sportsman's career or during long-lasting periods of rehabilitation  (such as motivation, adjustments, positive anticipation and workout).

We must emphasize that TERME SELCE has been participating for over a decade in medical treatments with the world-leading physicians in reconstructive orthopedic surgery and cartilage transplantation of the knee, and in many other post-operative conditions. The results  of this work and related research has been the development of innovative methods in rehabilitation protocols and methods of handling crisis. Terme Selce treatment protocols have enabled successful come-backs of top-level sportsmen on many occasions.

Enabling sports success and long duration of sport careers
We objectively determine parameters for a medically, physiologically and psychologically supported advanced sport program, focused on diminishing the minuses and enhancing the pluses of the individual sportsman.

Together with his or her coaches and the Terme Selce staff, the sportsman can establish and fulfill realistic goals, get even stronger motivation and set a direction in the regular training process.

All of these factors influence sport progress and success, and represent a pre-condition for top-level and long-lasting sport performance.

TS*APSP – Pre-preparation in Sports
The goal of TERME SELCE Health and Sport Center is to get athletes into full physical condition and psychological balance in the shortest possible time, an outcome that can only be achived by the use of individualized protocols and holistic treatment programme.

TERME SELCE's team makes use of a "sport pre-preparation phase". This is of utmost importance for the success of the entire yearly sport cycle of the sportsman engaged in either individual or team sports.

Following a general medical examination and diagnostics, kinetic testing and other evaluation methods, TERME SELCE's team of experts draws up an effective and individualized program for the sportsman. This plan is  carried out under the close supervision of dr Vlasta Brozi?evi? working in cooperation with the sportsman's coaches, other physicians and managers.

The TERME SELCE* Advanced Professional Sports Program  ( TS*APSP ) combines physical therapy, rehab fitness, MRS exercises, individual kinesiotherapy, manual techniques, traditional medicine, and treatment with conventional and natural medicines. Additional revitalization and energizing programs will help the rapid preparation, recovery or relaxation of the sportsman: manual massage, lymph drainage, acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, autogenous training, psychological and nutritional counseling can be involved in the holistic approach  take to …  individual sportsman.

TS*APSP – Effects and benefits
The effects and benefits of the TERME SELCE*  Advanced Professional Sports Program 
(TS*APSP ) for sportsmen are:

  • Psycho-physical balance
  • Fitness and concentration improvement
  • Increased self-confidence and efficiency
  • Restoration of full sports activity
  • Setting conditions for maximum sport performance
  • Rapid recovery from injury
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Prolongation of a successful sports career.

TS*APSP - When does it begin / end?
It is especially recommended that TS*APSP be incorporated into a professional sportsman's program:

  • Before the start of the new sport season
  • Prior to the official preparation program with the coach
  • Before the competition phase begins
  • As a "refreshing" experience when overuse occurs (to avoid the risk of sport injuries)At the end of the sport season and before the rest period starts (to resolve chronic fatigue/ burn-out syndrome)
  • After every serious injury
  • After a post-operational period
  • Following a longer period of absence from sports activity (due to various reasons)
  • At the end of a longer rest period or pause
  • When sport results and sport progress are not achieved as previously planned with the coach
  • On request of each individual sportsmen, when he/she wishes to achieve more.

It is important to note that even in team sports the TS*APSP is always carried out on an individual basis.

Generally, TS*APSP ends when the top-level sportsman is ready to:

  • endure the planned sport activities ahead of him/her and
  • perform sports activities in a qualitative way with best possible results.

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Terme Selce | Sports Medicine Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Vlasta Brozicevic, M.D.

  • Spec. in physical medicine and reumatology
  • Sports physician
  • Offical doctor of Croatian National Ski Team

Ivan Brozicevic, M.D.

  • Spec. in internal medicine and cardiology
  • Chief doctor
  • General Manager

Mr. SC. Iva Brozicevic-Dragicevic

  • Head of Special Programmes
  • Clinical and Sports Psychologist
  • Assistent General Manager

Dr. Vlasta Brozi?evi?

  • Member of FIS Medical Comittee
  • Member of  Croatian Olympic Medical Comittee

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Terme Selce | Sports Medicine Testimonials

Participations and Sport's  support

  • European Athletic Games 1991 in Split, Croatia
  • Summer Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta, USA
  • Ultra marathon, Mega triathlon 1997.
  • Junior European Table Tennis Championship 1998.
  • World Ski Championship 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007
  • Winter Olympic Games 2002, 2006


Football  - players from Croatian 1st national league, “Steyer” - Austria,  members of “Bochum” - Germany, “Panatinaikos” - Greece, “Venice” - Italy, “Benefice” - Portugal, “Milan” – Italy, members of the Belgian, Australian and Chinese national  team...


Handball – Players of Croatian handball team (winners of gold Olympic medal in Atlanta 1996); Members of the Macedonian women national team, members of  the women Spanish national team; "Badel 1862" – Zagreb, "Lokomotiva", "Podravka" – Koprivnica, Croatia;

Basketball - players in the NBA league, players in the Italian Basketball teams, Croatian teams: "Cibona", "Sava osiguranje", "Gospi?”; 

Volleyball teams -  "Mladost", "Rijeka” – Croatia, players in the Austrian Volleyball teams

Table tennis - Members of the table tennis national Croatian team (top in Europe)

Tennis - Grand Slam tournament winners – Rolland Garros (I. Majoli), Players in the ATP tour (Ancic, Karlovic))

Alpine skiing - Winners of the  Olympic medals  & world champions (Janica Kosteli?, Ivica Kosteli? ) members of the  Croatian national team in  Alpine and Nordic skiing; top skiers from Scandinavian states

Figure skating -  Croatian national champions

Martial arts - World and national champions, taekwando

Water sports - Swimming (European and national champions), wakeboard, water skiing, diving, synchronized swimming, Sailing in Laser and Finn category, support to young candidates for Summer Olympics 2008

Other:  Members of the Croatian Football league for women, car racing, archery, bowling, ballet, athletics, professional dancing...

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