A British Patient Anthony’s Story of Hip Replacement Surgery in Turkey

A New Beginning: Anthony's Successful Hip Surgery Abroad

Category: Orthopedic Surgery Abroad
Country: Turkey
Procedure: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

Anthony, a 75-year-old from UK, had been suffering from debilitating hip pain for nearly five years. His condition severely impacted his daily life, restricting activities he loved, such as walking in the woods and scuba diving. In the UK, the options for treatment were not only expensive, with private surgery costing upwards of £15,000, but also came with a lengthy waiting time of three years through the National Health Service (NHS). Faced with these challenges, Anthony began exploring alternatives for his treatment.

Seeking Relief Abroad: The Discovery of Medical Tourism

While searching for solutions, Anthony stumbled upon a video from the Turan Turan Health Group in Bursa, Turkey, detailing their comprehensive treatment options for similar conditions. This discovery introduced him to the concept of medical tourism, a growing trend where individuals seek medical treatments abroad that are either unavailable, overly expensive, or have extensive waiting periods in their home countries. Intrigued by the possibility of both an affordable and immediate solution, Anthony delved deeper into what Turan Turan had to offer.

Research and Decision-Making

Anthony's research process was thorough. He reviewed the Turan Turan Health Group's online presence, sifted through numerous patient testimonials, and verified the clinic's qualifications and accreditations.

A pivotal moment came when he had an online virtual consultation with a doctor from Turan Turan, known for their specialization in treating hip-related problems and boasting a significant track record of successful cases. This consultation, facilitated through links from the PlacidWay platform, was instrumental in Anthony's decision-making process.

The combination of the clinic's expertise, cutting-edge technology, positive patient experiences, and affordability, especially compared to the prohibitive costs in the UK, convinced Anthony that Turan Turan was the right choice for him.

The Journey to Bursa, Turkey

Anthony's travel from the UK to Istanbul, and then to Bursa, was a leap of faith, mixed with initial anxieties about undergoing surgery abroad. However, the seamless arrangements and the warm welcome he received upon arrival quickly eased his concerns.

Consultation and Diagnosis at Turan Turan Health Group

Orthopedic Surgeon in Turkey

Upon reaching Turan Turan, Anthony was greeted by the medical staff and soon had his first face-to-face consultation with the doctor. The diagnostic process included comprehensive tests and evaluations, through which the doctor, with clear communication and professionalism, identified that the root of Anthony's pain was not his knee, as previously misdiagnosed in the UK, but his hip. This revelation was a turning point for Anthony.

Treatment Plan and Personalized Care

Hip Surgery in Turkey

The treatment plan outlined by Turan Turan was personalized and detailed, encompassing not just the surgical procedure for Anthony's hip but also including post-operative physical therapy, rehabilitation options, and pain management strategies. The clinic's personalized approach and commitment to patient care were evident throughout the process.

Treatment Experience and Recovery

Anthony's treatment and subsequent recovery at Turan Turan exceeded his expectations. The professionalism and expertise of the medical staff, coupled with the state-of-the-art facilities, ensured a smooth surgery and rehabilitation process. Anthony's progress was remarkable; within days, he was walking without crutches, a testament to the successful surgery and the comprehensive rehab program focused on restoring his mobility and strength.

Back to UK: A Renewed Life

Returning to the UK, Anthony felt like a new man, free from the pain that had plagued him for years. The impact of the treatment on his daily life was profound, enabling him to resume walking in the woods and planning to return to scuba diving.

Turan Turan ensured a robust aftercare program, including monthly video calls with the doctor to monitor his progress and weekly exercise and rehab coaching using the PlacidWay platform's messenger function. Anthony's journey from enduring chronic pain to reclaiming his active lifestyle is a powerful endorsement of the potential of medical tourism and the exemplary care provided by Turan Turan Health Group.

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Hip Replacement in Turkey - Review from UK Patient

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