Dr. Ivan Brozicevic| Cardiology Specialist | Selce, Croatia

Dr. Ivan Brozicevic Internal Medicine and Cardiology Specialist Selce, Croatia

About - Dr. Ivan Brozicevic

Professional experience

  • 1974: assistant for the Internal medicine and clinical propaedeutics course at the Clinic of Internal Medicine of the Medical Faculty
  • 1984 to 1992 - CEO of Thalassotherapia Crikvenica, a special hospital for the treatment of diseases involving respiratory organs and thelocomotive system
  • 1992 to 2002 - the manager of a private internal medicine clinic
  • 2002 - present - manager of the Polyclinic Terme in Selce and Rijeka

He lectures at the University of Rijeka Medical Faculty in the field of travel medicine and health tourism. He has organised a few scientific conferences on the history of medicine, thalassotherapy and balneoclimatology.


  • He has written various scientific and specialised papers.
  • He was the first president of the Health Tourism Board in the Chamber of Economy of former Yugoslavia.
  • An active member of the Croatian Medical Association Republican Board, Department for Tourist Medicine.
  • The first president of the Croatian Society for Thalassotherapy at the Croatian Medical Association.
  • A permanent member of the Croatian Cardiac Society.
  • He was rewarded for an exceptional contribution during the Croatian War of Independence.
  • He was awarded the title of primarius (distinguished doctor) in the basis of his professional, scientific, social and educational work.

Education - Dr. Ivan Brozicevic

University of Rijeka Medical Faculty

Membership - Dr. Ivan Brozicevic

Manager of Polyclinic Terme since its foundation, Internal medicine and cardiology specialist.

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