Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, Oncologist - Chennai, India

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, 4/661, Dr Vikram Sarabai Instronic Estate 7th St, Dr. Vasi Estate, Phase II, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041, India Chennai, India
Associated Center: Apollo Proton Cancer Centre
Speciality: Oncologist,
Languages: English,Hindi
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About - Dr. Karthik Anantharaman

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman's Professional Journey at APPC in Chennai India

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman's role as an Oncologist at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai, India, marks a pinnacle in his illustrious career. With years of dedication to oncology, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of cancer treatment in the region. His leadership at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre underscores a commitment to advancing cancer care and research, ensuring patients receive the highest quality of treatment and support.

Leadership at Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd

As Vice President - International, Group Oncology & International, Dr. Anantharaman plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd in the field of oncology. His leadership extends beyond regional boundaries, driving initiatives that elevate cancer care standards globally. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, he contributes significantly to the advancement of cancer treatment practices within the Apollo network and beyond.

Marketing Innovations at BPL Medical Technologies

Serving as Chief Marketing Officer at BPL Medical Technologies, Dr. Anantharaman spearheaded transformative strategies that revolutionized healthcare marketing. His visionary leadership and keen understanding of market dynamics propelled BPL Medical Technologies to new heights, positioning the company as a frontrunner in the medical technology sector. His innovative marketing initiatives not only enhanced brand visibility but also facilitated greater accessibility to life-saving medical solutions.

Empowering Hope for Cancer Treatment in Chennai, India

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman, a seasoned oncologist at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai, approaches the battle against cancer with compassion and expertise. Through personalized care and innovative treatment modalities, he strives to empower patients with hope and resilience in their journey towards recovery. With a deep understanding of the complexities of cancer and a commitment to advancing oncology care, Dr. Anantharaman exemplifies the dedication and compassion essential in the fight against this formidable disease.

Educational Prowess: A Fusion of Medicine and Business

Dr. Anantharaman's academic journey reflects a unique fusion of medical expertise and business acumen. With an MBBS in Internal Medicine & Surgery from Bangalore University, he laid the foundation for his medical career. His pursuit of knowledge extended to the realm of business with an MBA in Marketing from Manipal University, equipping him with the skills to navigate the complexities of healthcare management effectively.

International Leadership Training at Yale University

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning and professional development, Dr. Anantharaman embarked on a transformative educational journey at the Yale School of Management. Through the MBA-GELP program, he honed his leadership skills and gained valuable insights into global business practices. His experience at Yale University enriched his perspective and equipped him with the tools necessary to drive innovation and excellence in healthcare leadership.

Accolades and Accreditations in Healthcare Marketing

Dr. Anantharaman's exemplary contributions to healthcare marketing have earned him widespread recognition and acclaim. His leadership has been acknowledged through prestigious awards such as "Most Influential Marketing Leaders" by the World Marketing Congress. Additionally, his initiatives have received industry accolades from renowned institutions including Frost & Sullivan, Economic Times, and Brand Trust Awards. These accolades serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare marketing.

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Experiences and Specializations:

  • Vice President – International, Group Oncology & International, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd
  • Chief Marketing Officer (Vice President – Marketing), BPL Medical Technologies (Goldman Sachs Portfolio Company)
  • Marketing Consultant, Penlon Ltd (UK-based leader in Anesthesia & Operating Room solutions, acquired by BPL Medical Technologies in 2015)

Educational Background:

  • MBBS in Internal Medicine & Surgery, Bangalore University
  • MBA in Marketing, Manipal University
  • MBA- GELP (Global Executive Leadership Program), Yale School of Management, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Most Influential Marketing Leaders" by World Marketing Congress (Nov 2015 & Nov 2016)
  • Industry awards from: Frost & Sullivan, Economic Times (ET) Best Healthcare Brands, and Brand Trust Awards 2016

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Apollo Proton Cancer Centre reviews

  • User Profile Image

    Pavan K S

    I was diagnosed with meningioma and had a surgery at SIMS hospital and was referred to Apollo Hospital to Mrs.Rathna Devi and Mr.Sadiq. They had given their professional opinions and I had undergone Proton radiotherapy in this institution for nearly 28 proton radiotherapy session. The Apollo proton cancer center is one of the best and well maintained hospital. The sessions were planned and executed exceptionally well by the team of doctors. Mr. Dhilip - Lead Therapist along with his team members- Mr. Balaji, Ms.Monisha, Ms. Josephine and Mr.Krishna gave exceptional service and inputs to me during my therapy session. Thanks to Mrs.Rathna Devi and Mr. Sadiq as well for their medical and mental support throughout my sessions. Thanks Apollo Proton cancer center.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Feb 23 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Bengali T S

    Well behaved, clean and hygienic, continuously house staffs are doing their job. Well equipped technical persons with latest machineries. Very serious patents might have been here for treatment. Renowned doctors are available. Satisfied with service, because enquiry services are also very prompt.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Feb 07 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Swaminathan S

    We have been directed by Dr.Ranganathan (Director of Neurosurgery) to Dr.Ratnadevi (Sr.Consultant Radiation Oncologist) and assisted by Dr.Md.Sathik (consultant) for treating Meningioma All the consultants and the Therapists Over here provided us with a very holistic treatment approach. Lead Therapist Mr.Dilip and his team of Therapists Mr.Balaji,Ms.Monisha,Ms.Josephine and Mr.Krishna were very kind and capable of handling the patients technically as well as with the required compassionate approach warranted for the ailment. We are very Thankful for all of you and pray that your combined efforts and services results in healing more and more patients who reaches your facility.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Mar 06 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Smita L

    My husband, Cdr Anil Lanba IN (Retd) underwent Proton Therapy for Brain Cancer under the supervision of Dr Rakesh Jalali at the Apollo Proton Centre at Chennai between 10 Oct and 7 Dec 24. The Proton Therapy was done under the supervision of Dhilipkumar, Balaji, Chaithra, Monisha, Nandhini and Krishna. This team was most dedicated, professional and extremely inclined to look after and give the best treatment options to all the patients. The hospital under the leadership of Dr Jalali is most professional and inclined to provide the best treatment options to all the patients. I feel extremely privileged to have been treated at this hospital and am hopeful of full recovery. I am most obliged and appreciate the treatment that was provided by Dhilip and his team. A great hospital that works to provide the best treatment options to its patients. I feel privileged and lucky to have been treated here and am hopeful of full recovery. I am grateful to Dr Jalali and the Proton Lab technicians for the treatment that was provided. Thanks and my greatest appreciation to the hospital and the treatment they provide. The hospital and its environment is better than any other in the country! Dr Jalali is a great leader and is running the hospital most professionally and passionately.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Apr 19 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Saravanan N

    On experience -
    The best hospital experience ever. Visited Dr Venkat Sir and Revanth Sir, they were really good and they were very supportive in all stages. I want to thank you all Nurses and especially the ward members in Floor 5, they were very helpful always.
    Good parking facilities, restaurant food was really good at affordable price. Management and process was really good and you don’t miss any communication.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Apr 16 2024
  • User Profile Image

    Bivan C

    I had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Vishnu Ramanujan, a remarkable musculoskeletal oncologist at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre in Chennai. His expertise in the field is truly commendable, but what stood out even more was his compassionate approach to patient care. Dr. Ramanujan's ability to make me feel at ease and well-informed throughout my treatment journey was truly reassuring. He is undoubtedly a gem at Apollo, and I am grateful for his dedication and skill in handling my case. Thank you, Dr. Vishnu Ramanujan, for your exceptional care and guidance.

    Apollo Proton Cancer Centre Apr 06 2024

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