Weight Loss Program Package in Switzerland, Bad Ragaz

Weight Loss Package in Bad Ragaz Switzerland


Package Details

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz  - Wellbeing Medical Health Resort - Europe


Weight Loss Package in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland


Attain your optimal body weight through exercise and  a healthy diet under medical supervision

  • Achieve a lasting reduction in body fat through systematic training with your personal trainer
  • Dine on light and healthy gourmet food from the "Cuisine Equilibrée" menu and get nutritional advice to help you achieve a healthy everyday diet
  • Strengthen yourself mentally and know how to maintain and optimise your weight in future

Your program:

  • Thorough medical examination
  • Weight, body mass index
  • Hearing and eyesight test
  • Screening for skin changes
  • Central nervous system function check
  • Spinal column check
  • Detailed assessment of joint status
  • Laboratory examinations of liver, kidneys, thyroid, blood sugar, blood lipids, blood count, as well as prostate screening if appropriate
  • Cardiovascular function test on an ergometer
  • (Resting and stress ECG) Cardiovascular function test
  • Body fat measurement
  • Analysis of eating and exercise habits
  • Nutritional advice 2 x 60 min
  • Daily personal training sessions 50 min
  • Daily fitness training (without peronal trainer)
  • Cuisine Equilibrée – 6 days' full board
  • Ragaz thermal spa water - 4 litres a da
  • Concluding medical consultation – discussion of all investigative results and preparation of a personal dietary and exercise plan
  • Personal health dossier
  • Personal guidance during the programme

Your program - following week(s):

  • Medical follow-up
  • Nutritional advice follow-up
  • Body fat measurement follow-up
  • Cuisine Equilibrée – 7 days' full board
  • Ragaz thermal spa water - 2 litres a day
  • Daily personal training sessions 50 min
  • Daily fitness training (without personal trainer)

You are welcome to extend your program. Our doctors recommend:

  • Additional nutritional advice (tips on shopping, cooking etc.)
  • Additional personal training
  • Cognitive behavioural coaching
  • Initial consultation on the subject of orthomolecular medicine
  • Sleep laboratory
  • Lactate threshold test with consultation as a complement to the ergometric testing
  • Physiotherapeutic check-up of musculoskeletal system function
  • Water Shiatsu
    The above-listed services are not part of the standard program. They may be booked as an aptional extra.

Bookable separately:

  • Children's entertainment programme
  • Style advice
  • Image advice - hairstyling, make-up, clothing, colour chart incl. written documentation (4 hrs)
  • Make-up and hairstyling



Package Include:

  • Medical follow-up
  • Body fat measurement follow-up
  • Nutritional advice follow-up
  • Daily "Cuisine Equilibrée" full board
  • Daily 4 litres of Ragaz thermal spa water
  • Daily personal training sessions 50 min.
  • Daily work-out (without trainer)
Other weight loss packages:
  • Ragazer Weight Loss extension week 7 days - CHF 3,400 ($3,334)
  • Ragazer Detox 7 days - CHF 7,670 ($7,746)
  • Ragazer Detox extension week 7 days - CHF 4,400 ($4,443)
  • Ragazer Lab-based Nutrition & Training 10 days - CHF 11,930 ($12,048)
  • Ragazer Anti Aging Nutrition & Training 5 days - CHF 6,350 ($6,413)
  • Ragazer Aging score 4 Days - CHF 6,890 ($6,958)

The module "Weight loss" may be booked in combination with a minimum stay of 6 nights' accomodation in the Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites or the Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz. Arrival day is Sunday only. A price reduction of 10% will be allowed on all room categories for stays of up to 6 nights and a price reduction of 15% for every additional week.

The accommodation price includes the following:

  • "Cuisine Equilibrée" breakfast
  • Welcome drink
  • Access to the 5500 m² «To B. Wellbeing & Spa»
  • Free admission to the 7300 m² Tamina Therme
  • Daily fitness and relaxation lessons

Jesse Tino