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Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Ukraine - Type 1 and 2

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
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Diabetes in Ukraine

Diabetes Treatment in Ukraine

At UNIQUE CELL TREATMENT CLINIC, we have achieved outstanding results treating diabetes types I and II with fetal stem cells and we had this method approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine recommendations in 2000. Since 1993 this diabetes treatment method developed by Professor Smikodub has been protected by numerous patents of Ukraine and many other countries. Administration of fetal stem cells results in a well-marked hypoglycemic effect (decrease of the level of the blood sugar), it allows reduce the exogenous insulin dose by 60–70% and helps to achieve stable and long-term remission in most cases.

Treatment Is Effective In Following Cases

Diabetes treatment with suspensions containing fetal stem cells is highly effective at different stages of this disease with any complications:
  1. Newly diagnosed IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus);
  2. Diabetes mellitus is complicated by chronic renal insufficiency (grades I-III), anemic syndrome and diabetic nephrosclerosis;
  3. An unstable course of diabetes mellitus, when it is impossible to find the adequate dose of insulin administered;
  4. Diabetes associated with immune defiсiency and infection complications;
  5. Diabetes mellitus is complicated by blood vessels diseases of lower extremities, diabetic foot;
  6. Sugar-lowering drugs resistance of diabetes type 2 and the need to transfer the patient to insulin intake course.

Effects of diabetes treatment with suspensions containing fetal stem cells

Mellitus diabetes treatment with stem-cell therapy results in significant enhancement of the patient's condition and improvement of the clinical picture of the disease course. Our clinic has such experience of fetal stem cell administration at the early stages of diabetes. Treatment with insulin is not required after it for a long time. After the application of fetal stem cells, patients with diabetes mellitus observe normalization of hematological and immunological indices, reducing of manifestations of macro-and microangiopathy, restoration of working capacity, and improvement of life quality. After our cell therapy, the progression of the disease slows down, remission periods become two or even three times longer. Fetal stem cell therapy is great prevention of diabetes mellitus complications.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy For Diabetes in Ukraine

The cost of stem cell treatment for diabetes in Kyiv, Ukraine is $10,000. in unique cell treatment clinic. The final cost will depend upon the analysis of the test reports and physical evaluation.


The syndrome of early posttransplantation improvements

The syndrome of early posttransplantation improvements described by Professor Smikodub includes a decrease of the weakness, restoration of working capacity, sleep and appetite, improvement of complexion and skin color. This syndrome is noted in 90-95% of diabetes patients.

Enhancement of psychic and physiological condition

Such changes as burst of energy, improvement of mental capacity and thinking, the disappearance of depressions, and anxiety are observed in 57% of cases after cell therapy.

Glycemia decrease in patients with diabetes mellitus type I

After the diabetes treatment with suspensions containing fetal stem cells in 100% of patients the dose of administered insulin decreases. The main clinical effect develops within 2–3 months when the average initial insulin dose of 0,76 ± 0,06 units/ kg/ day decreases by 40-50%. In 85% of cases, when diabetes mellitus was treated, resulted in remission with exogenous insulin dose dropping by 35% within the first year after the therapy. Clinical remission of disease in our patients lasts on average 16 months, which significantly reduces the risk of patient's disability and improves quality and length of their life.

Immunity reconstruction after diabetes treatment

Stem cell therapy leads to reconstitution and normalization of cell and humoral immunity. Immunocorrecting effects develop in 3 months after the diabetes treatment and last for the whole period of remission. 


FAQ about Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes

Why are stem cells not at present being utilized to treat diabetes?

To fix type 1 diabetes, stem cell substitution should be more than just an instance of trading insulin-creating cells from a solid pancreas with those annihilated by diabetes in a diabetic patient. Various confusions block this as basic treatment.

What measure of time does it need for stem cell therapy to work? 

Most patients feel no improvement for something like 3 weeks and possibly 6 to 8 months. At the point when you feel improvement, you will see continued improvement becoming in excess of a half year.

Why is stem cell treatment so costly? 

The expense of stem cell therapy is to be sure costly, particularly on the grounds that the techniques are once in a while covered by medical coverage.

What number of stem cell treatments are required? 

A few conditions might react well with only one stem cell infusion, while others might require intermittent treatments for the greatest advantages. For instance, an individual looking for stem cell therapy to recuperate from a games injury might require a couple of injections in particular, while an individual with osteoarthritic harm might require a few.

Are stem cell injections hurt? 

Stem cell treatments for back, knee, shoulder, or joint torment fill in as an ideal option in contrast to an obtrusive medical procedure that would require restoration thereafter. Our moderately effortless methodology requires just an hour and a half and has far fewer dangers and incidental effects than those related to a convoluted medical procedure.

Do insurance cover stem cell injections? 

While Insurance organizations, by and large, don't pay for stem cell treatments, they might pay for your conference with the specialist and other related costs that are brought about during the procedure does protection cover stem cell injections? 

While Insurance organizations by and large don't pay for stem cell treatments, they might pay for your meeting with the specialist and other related costs that are caused during the technique.

What would it be advisable for me to do after stem cell injection?

By and large, you should avoid mitigating drugs, rest the influenced region for one to two days, and seek prepared to start non-intrusive treatment once your primary care physician says you're prepared for it. Torment in differing levels is standard on the initial not many days after stem cell treatment.

Why Choose Us?

Professor Alexander Smikodub Sr. is a recognized world leader in developing methods of stem cell treatment. We have achieved outstanding positive results in the treatment of such conditions as aging, functional disorders of internal organs, impotence, menopause, infertility, chronic fatigue syndrome.
Effects of the treatment with fetal stem cells in many diseases and conditions are far beyond the capacity of all other modern methods of treatment.
Stem cell therapy is very effective for restoration of various organs and tissues, for fighting against incurable and inveterate diseases.

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