All You Need to Know about Orthopedic Surgery in India

All You Need to Know about Orthopedic Surgery in India

Orthopedic Surgery in India - Low-Cost Surgery

If you have severe knee or hip pain but can't afford the surgery in your country, this article is for you. You are going to learn what is the cost of orthopedic surgery in India and discover the best clinics and doctors.

You will also discover why international patients come to India for orthopedic surgery, and why you should too.

Orthopedic Treatment Packages in India at Affordable Prices

The orthopedic surgery packages in India are very affordable for uninsured patients. If you are looking to get orthopedic surgery in India expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $7,500.

The cost of orthopedic surgery in India depends on the city, the type of procedure performed, and the hospital. However, with the quality of care that is found in India, you will pay a fraction of the cost for orthopedic surgery in the United States or Europe.

We will compare the costs between other countries and India in the next section.

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How much does orthopedic surgery cost in India?

India is a popular destination for medical tourism. This is especially true when it comes to orthopedic surgery. The cost of hip replacement in India is around $5,800, and knee surgery is over $3,000. The same procedures in America are over $40,000 and in the UK over $10,000.

Prices in India are significantly lower than in the U.S. and the UK. This makes India an appealing destination for your orthopedic surgery done at a lower cost than you would pay at home.

Orthopedic/Knee Surgery Centers Cost Comparison in India

Provider Procedure Price
Capitol Hospital Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $5570
Capitol Hospital Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $2734
Global Hospitals Group Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $4300
Welcare Hospital Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $7500
Welcare Hospital Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $7000
Orthopedic/Knee Surgery Cost Comparison in India
Country Procedure Price
United States Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $45000
India Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total, Orthopedic/Knee Surgery $5860

Best Orthopedic Hospitals in India

India is a medical tourism hotspot, offering orthopedic surgery at a fraction of the cost of other countries. The best orthopedic hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and offer world-class services.

The most sought-after orthopedic procedures are knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder arthroscopy, and spine surgeries. Our selection of best orthopedic clinics in India is made by their advantages for patients.

Below you can see the top 6 clinics in India and their profiles.

Top Center

Global Hospitals Group

Global Hospitals Group, is the most renowned healthcare service provider in India, offering exceptional care, cutting-edge research and advanced education to care givers. This is one of the fastest growing chains of Multi Super Specialty Tertiary Care Hospitals in India providing healthcare services at international standards. The group has five hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Top Center

Capitol Hospital

Capitol Hospital, located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, is the dream project of Dr. C.S. Pruthi, a renowned cardiologist of Jalandhar. He has established the hospital with the goal of offering the highest standards of medical and surgical care to the residents of North India. Now, the Capitol Hospital is a modern medical facility offering high quality care to local and international patients. The hospital features six state-of-the-art operation theatres and two ultra modern Cardiac Cath-labs.

Top Center

Welcare Hospital

Welcare Hospital, in Vadodara, India, provides the latest services in Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy. Welcare Hospital is a 110 bedded super-speciality state-of-the-art healthcare platform offering world class services. A unique hospital of its kind, it is designed to offer extremely high end treatment modalities coupled with a refreshing hospital environment. It is one of the most technologically advanced and modern hospitals of the country. The Director & Chief Joint replacement surgeon Dr. Bharat Mody is very renowned nationally in his field. He has operated on a large no. of patients from all over the globe including USA, UK, Middle East, many African nations, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Dr. Mody was the President of the Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA) for the year 2015.

Top Center

OrthoRAB Hospital

OrthoRAB Hospital, located in Anand, Gujarat, is one of the best orthopaedic and surgical hospitals in India. Read more about the caring and healing touch of the doctors that makes the whole experience extraordinary for the patients.

Top Center

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital

Located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital is a renowned multi-speciality medical center offering comprehensive, accessible and reliable healthcare options to patients from all around the world.

Top Center

Khushansh Clinic

Khushansh Clinic in Gurgaon, India has emerged as a top-rated clinic that specializes in orthopedic and gynecology solutions at affordable prices. Key procedures include knee, spine, bone and obstetric treatments.

Videos to Watch about Orthopedic Surgery in India

If you want to learn more about orthopedic surgery, or just want to see how it's practiced in India, take a look at these videos. Get informed about surgery from other patients and see their results after successful knee replacement in India.

Effective Orthopedic Surgery in India - Patient Reviews

Orthopedic surgery in India focuses on patients’ satisfaction and their experience. Here you will read some reviews with successful results to complete your expectations from the surgery.

  • User Profile Image

    Tom Geoffrey

    We requested for information and we did not get any feedback

    Patient was treated by Global Hospitals Group Jan 06, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    In Jalandhar City one of the best multi super spashalty capitol hospital . I was admitted in capitol hospital two day ago . there is my personal opinion for the nursing staf is very coprtive and polite behaviour with me and my family. The management behaviour is excellent. The codinator Mr Amarjit Singh very nice and covrative . Thanking you capitol hospital team.

    Patient was treated by Capitol Hospital Feb 14, 2022
  • User Profile Image

    Megan Fitzgerald

    I am all booked in to have my hip replacement now in June. So far the process has been wonderful and stress free for me and I am very happy with the service they have provided.

    Patient was treated by Welcare Hospital Mar 31, 2023
  • User Profile Image


    Very Good hospital for othopedic , surgery My ACL ligament sugery successfull and recovery 2 month Hospital staff and Doctor Ashish sir good support, sarad chotaliya physio Very helpfull after surgery for exercise.... Anand best hospital for ortho and surgery.

    Patient was treated by OrthoRAB Hospital Sep 23, 2021
  • User Profile Image


    The results of the lab tests were very accurate and correct. Several diabetic treatment options are available under one roof. The hospital is of a very good quality and is clean. The staff is courteous and helpful. This hospital is very good for us. For the past decade, I have been receiving treatment there. At this point, my blood sugar is under control. I am grateful for the sincere care this hospital provides

    Patient was treated by Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Feb 10, 2022
  • User Profile Image


    Very intelligent doctor

    Patient was treated by Khushansh Clinic Jan 28, 2022

Orthopedic Surgery in India - We Answer to Your Frequent Questions

How much will you pay for hip replacement in India and who are the best orthopedic doctors, this section provides you with answers. Read below the most frequent ones, and find out more about topics that interest you.

Where can I find affordable knee replacement surgery in India?

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There are several hospitals in India that offer affordable knee replacement surgery. Some of the top hospitals in India that offer affordable knee replacement surgery are: Welcare Hospital - This hospital has branches in various cities in India and is known for offering high-quality medical care at affordable prices. Arathana Hospital - This hospital chain has multiple branches in India and is known for its state-of-the-art facilities and affordable medical treatments. Capitol Hospita - This hospital chain has branches in various cities in India and is known for its high-quality medical care and affordable treatment options. Charnock Hospital - This hospital is located in Gurugram, Haryana and is known for offering affordable medical treatments, including knee replacement surgery. Khushansh Clinic- This hospital chain has branches in various cities in India and is known for its high-quality medical care and affordable treatment options. It is important to note that the cost of knee replacement surgery can vary depending on the type of implant used, the hospital you choose, and other factors. It is advisable to consult with a doctor and get a quote for the surgery before making a decision. Knee replacement surgery is often advised to those who face difficulty in doing even the simplest of activities owing to the stiffness and pain in their knees. This can be hereditary, or developed due to old age or as a result of repeated injuries. There have been major advancements in the way this surgery is done. As compared to the previous approach which required an 8-12 inch incision to be made at the front of the knee, now a minimally invasive approach is used for the knee replacement surgery which only requires a 3-5 inch long incision to be made. And this also causes less tissue damage as compared to the standard procedure. There are two type of knee replacement: Total Knee Replacement: This is the procedure where an artificial material is used to replace the damaged knee joint on the whole. Partial Knee Replacement: When one part of a damaged knee either the outer one or the inner one is replaced with an implant, it’s called a partial knee replacement. Cost of Knee Replacement in India The cost of knee replacement surgery in India can vary depending on the type of implant used, the hospital you choose, and other factors. On average, the cost of knee replacement surgery in India ranges from around $7000 to $10000 However, the cost can be higher or lower depending on the specific circumstances of the surgery. It is important to note that the cost of knee replacement surgery may not include additional expenses such as pre-operative and post-operative care, medications, and physical therapy, which may need to be paid for separately. It is advisable to consult with a doctor and get a quote for the surgery that includes all the necessary costs before making a decision. How to Find best knee Replacment Clinics in India? There are a few factors that you can consider when looking for the best knee replacement clinics in India: Reputation: Look for clinics that have a good reputation in the medical community and among patients. You can ask your doctor for recommendations or check online reviews and ratings. Expertise: Look for clinics that have doctors with specialized training and experience in performing knee replacement surgery. Facility: Choose a clinic that has a clean and well-equipped facility to ensure the highest level of patient care. Cost: Consider the cost of the surgery and make sure that it is within your budget. Location: Consider the location of the clinic and ensure that it is convenient for you to travel to. It is advisable to consult with a doctor and get recommendations before making a decision. You can also ask for referrals from friends and family members who have had knee replacement surgery. What things to be Consider Before knee replacement in India? Here are a few things to consider before undergoing knee replacement surgery in India: Consult with a doctor: It is important to consult with a doctor to determine if knee replacement surgery is the right option for you. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history, perform a physical examination, and may recommend tests to assess the condition of your knee. Consider the type of implant: There are different types of implants available for knee replacement surgery. Your doctor will help you choose the right implant based on your specific needs and circumstances. Consider the cost: Knee replacement surgery can be expensive, and the cost can vary depending on the type of implant used, the hospital you choose, and other factors. It is important to consider the cost of the surgery and ensure that it is within your budget. Prepare for the surgery: Before undergoing knee replacement surgery, you may need to undergo certain tests and prepare your home for your recovery. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions on what you need to do to prepare for the surgery. Consider the location: Consider the location of the hospital or clinic where you will have the surgery. Make sure that it is convenient for you to travel to and that you have arrangements for transportation and accommodation if needed. I hope this information was helpful in providing you with a general understanding of knee replacement surgery in India. It is important to consult with a doctor and consider all the factors before making a decision about undergoing this surgery. Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions and carefully follow the post-operative care instructions to ensure a successful recovery. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

How Much Does a Knee Replacement Cost in India?

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Knee Replacement in India The knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, replaces the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee joint with artificial prosthesis called implants to provide a new healthy joint. It is an orthopedic surgery often performed to relieve pain and disability from degenerative, most commonly osteoarthritis. Knee replacement surgery can be unilateral (involving one side or a single side) or can be bilateral (involving both the sides, double side, or two sides). Patients eligible for this orthopedic surgery have moderate to severe arthritis in the knee, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis, that causes pain and interferes with daily living. Knee Replacement Cost in India Knee replacement in India can cost from $6,000. The actual cost will depend on the type of surgery you need, the hospital you choose, and your Surgeon's fee. In addition, you will also need to factor in the cost of post-operative care and rehabilitation. However, knee replacement surgery is typically covered by health insurance plans in India. As a result, if you are considering knee replacement surgery, you should first check with your insurance provider to see if the procedure is covered. Additionally, some hospitals offer financing options for patients who need knee replacement surgery but cannot afford the upfront cost. Country Procedure Price United States Knee Replacement $40000 India Knee Replacement $6,000 Advantages of Knee Replacement in India Freedom from pain Improved mobility Improved quality of life Quicker recovery Years of performance Prices for Knee Replacement Procedures in India Knee Joint Surgical procedure Unilateral: from $6,000 Bilateral: from $10,400 Total Knee Replacement - (single high flexion knee) - $7,000 Total Knee Replacement - (oxinium knee) - $9,000 Knee Replacement Procedure Single (Including Implant) - $6,825 Double (Including Implant) - $11,111 Forget about severe knee pain and enjoy again your daily activities after knee replacement in India. With the help of our PlacidWay team, you can have an unforgettable trip to this fascinating country. Contact us today and get your free quote!

Who are the best knee surgeons in India?

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Knee surgery, or knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure during which the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee are replaced in order to relieve pain and disability. This technique is usually  used for osteoarthritis or other illnesses of the knee like rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. Knee surgery can be performed as a total or a partial knee replacement. The surgeon performing a knee surgery must have a license for practicing orthopedic surgery. He should be a skilled surgeon and also have a joint replacement specialization and at least 10 years of experience during which they should have performed at least 12 total knee replacement surgeries per year. Association knee surgeons should belong to: The Knee Society Indian Orthopedic Association Indian Society of Hip and Knee Replacement Maharashtra Orthopedic Association Aurangabad Orthopedic Association Arthroscopy society of India Indo-French Orthopaedic Association The best knee surgeon in India: Dr. Shivkumar V. Santpure           Dr. Shivkumar V. Santpure graduated from the Auragabad Medical College & Hospital, and completed his Orthopedic Residency at the Department of Orthopedics in 1999. Working with world renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dror Paley, director of Maryland Center, he gained a thorough understanding of Orthopedic Deformity correction including congenital and posttraumatic deformities & Ilizarov Surgery. He also worked with Dr. Michael Mont, whose special interest is surface hip replacement and Dr. John Herzenberg, pediatric orthopedic surgeon.   Dr. A.K.Venkatachalam Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam acquired his MS in Orthopedics from one of Asia’s busiest orthopedic institutes, The Central Institute of Orthopedics at Safdarjang Hospital, New Delhi. His interests in joint replacements took him to the UK where he gained extensive training in primary and revision at some of the best hospitals. These include hospitals in Northwest England, Scotland and Addenbrooke’s hospital.   Dr. Narendra Vaidya Dr. Narendra Vaidya graduated ( MBBS) from B.J Medical College in Pune in 1991 and completed his Orthopedic post-graduate training (M.S. Orthopedics and DNB Orthopedics) in 1994.He started practicing as an Orthopedic surgeon since then in Lokmanya Hospital. He developed the first ever Emergency Medical Service in India in Lokmanya Hospital.Under his able leadership he launched the Golden Hour project, where his concept of attending the patient within an hour of the accident reduced morbidity and mortality of patients to a greatly.He and his team were able to save around 40,000 lives until now.   Dr. Mahesh Reddy   -   Nova Specialty Surgery Dr. Mahesh Reddy is the Co-Founder and Director of Nova Medical Centers. Dr. Reddy is counted amongst the foremost specialists in the area of shoulder surgery in India. Dr. Reddy is also associated with Manipal Hospital, and Columbia Asia, Bangalore, as Consultant Surgeon.Dr. Reddy completed MBBS, MS (Orthopedics), MCh. (Orthopedics) from the University of Liverpool. After training in the NHS in UK for 5 years, he moved to Bangalore where he set up the Shoulder Clinic at Manipal Hospital. He is also associated with two internationally renowned orthopedic surgery research journals, namely the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS) and Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery as a reviewer.         Dr. Reddy was recently honored by the Royal College of Surgeons of FRCS (England) What questions to ask a knee surgeon: Are you board certified/qualified? Which ones How many of these surgeries have you performed in the past and how many do you do per year? What type of implant will be used? How long does it last? What else do I need to know about it? What is your infection rate?  What risks are involved and how likely are those risks to actually occur? What is your incidence of short-term complications like dislocations, wound infections, etc.? What is your incidence of long-term complications such as infections, loosenings, breakages of prosthesis, clicking, clunking, unidentifiable pains, need for manipulations, etc.? How will I be anesthetized? What are the risks of anesthesia? How long will I stay in the hospital? How long is the recovery process? Will I experience a lot of pain? If so, what kind of pain relief will be available to me? Will I need physical therapy? For how long? Will there be any post-surgical restrictions on everyday activities? For how long? How much improvement should I expect following surgery?

Who are the Best Orthopedic Doctors in India?

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Are you in search of the best orthopedic doctors in India? Look no further! India has some of the finest bone specialists who provide world-class treatment to patients suffering from bone and joint-related issues. In this article, we'll be discussing the top orthopedic doctors in India and why they are the best in their field. 10 Best Orthopedic Doctors in India Orthopedic Surgeons Cities Dr. Anil Raheja Delhi Dr. Mahesh Reddy Bangalore Gautam Gopalrow Kodikal Bangalore Dr. Satish K. Puranik Mumbai Dr. Milind Sawant Mumbai Kaustubh Ravindra Durve Mumbai Dr. Avinash Date Mumbai Dr. Sandeep Wasnik Mumbai DR HP SINGH Amritsar Dr. P.K Dave New Delhi   Details of Top 10 Orthopedic Surgeons in India 1. Dr. Anil Raheja If you're looking for an experienced orthopedic doctor in Delhi, India, look no further than Dr. Anil Raheja. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Raheja is committed to providing personalized, compassionate care to all of his patients. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, chronic joint pain, or a complex orthopedic condition, Dr. Raheja has the expertise to diagnose and treat your condition effectively. He stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in orthopedic medicine, ensuring that his patients receive the most innovative and effective treatments available. Dr. Raheja is dedicated to taking a supportive approach to patient care, ensuring that each patient feels heard, respected, and valued. He understands that dealing with an orthopedic condition can be overwhelming, which is why he takes the time to listen to his patients and answer any questions they may have. 2. Dr. Mahesh Reddy If you're looking for an expert in the field of orthopedic surgery, look no further than Dr. Mahesh Reddy. Dr. Reddy is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore, India with years of experience helping patients regain mobility and reduce their pain. Dr. Reddy is a highly skilled and compassionate surgeon who takes the time to understand his patients' needs and concerns. He knows that joint problems can be both physically and emotionally challenging, and he is committed to helping his patients achieve the best possible outcomes. Dr. Reddy specializes in a wide range of orthopedic procedures, including joint replacement, arthroscopy, and trauma surgery. He uses the latest techniques and technologies to ensure his patients receive the highest standard of care. 3. Gautam Gopalrow Kodikal Are you experiencing chronic joint pain or difficulty moving around? If so, it's essential to seek the help of a trusted and experienced orthopedic surgeon. In Bangalore, India one of the most respected and skilled orthopedic surgeons is Gautam Gopalrow Kodikal. Dr. Kodikal has years of experience in treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions, from simple fractures to complex joint replacements. His extensive training and education have equipped him with the skills necessary to provide his patients with top-notch care. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kodikal understands the importance of personalized care. He takes the time to listen to his patients' concerns and thoroughly evaluate their condition before creating a customized treatment plan. He uses the latest surgical techniques and technology to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. 4. Dr. Satish K. Puranik When it comes to finding the best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, India. Dr. Satish K. Puranik is a name that often comes up in conversation. With years of experience and a commitment to providing top-quality care to his patients, Dr. Puranik has established himself as a trusted and highly-respected member of the medical community. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Puranik specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis, sports injuries, fractures, and more. He is known for his expertise in minimally invasive surgical techniques, which allow patients to recover more quickly and with less pain than traditional open surgery. 5. Dr. Milind Sawant Are you in search of an orthopedic surgeon who cares about your well-being? Look no further than Dr. Milind Sawant, a highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, India. With a passion for helping his patients achieve optimal health and wellness, Dr. Sawant has dedicated his life to providing the best possible care to those in need. Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, a sports injury, or a more serious condition, Dr. Sawant has the knowledge, skill, and expertise to provide you with the compassionate care and effective treatment you need to get back to your best self. One of the things that sets Dr. Sawant apart from other orthopedic surgeons is his commitment to using the latest and most advanced technologies and techniques. From minimally invasive surgeries to innovative joint replacement procedures, Dr. Sawant is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest developments in his field to provide his patients with the most effective and least invasive treatments available. 6. Kaustubh Ravindra Durve If you're looking for a skilled and compassionate orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, India, you should definitely consider Kaustubh Ravindra Durve. Dr. Durve is a highly trained professional with years of experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions. Whether you're suffering from a sports injury, arthritis, or any other musculoskeletal problem, Dr. Durve can help. He is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality care, using the latest techniques and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes. Dr. Durve understands that orthopedic problems can be both painful and disruptive to your life, which is why he takes a personalized approach to every patient. He will work with you to develop a treatment plan that takes into account your unique needs and goals, and will be with you every step of the way as you recover and regain your mobility. 7. Dr. Avinash Date Looking for an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai, India? Look no further than Dr. Avinash Date. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Date is a highly skilled and respected orthopedic surgeon who specializes in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, joint pain, or other orthopedic condition, Dr. Date has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the care you need. He is known for his compassionate and personalized approach to patient care, and he takes the time to listen to each patient's unique needs and concerns. 8. Dr. Sandeep Wasnik Dr. Sandeep Wasnik is a renowned orthopedic doctor in Mumbai, India, with years of experience in treating various musculoskeletal conditions. He has a formal education background and has acquired various certifications and fellowships to enhance his knowledge and skills. Dr. Wasnik is known for his expertise in diagnosing and treating conditions such as arthritis, fractures, sprains, sports injuries, and many others. He believes in providing personalized care to his patients, understanding their unique needs and tailoring treatments accordingly. If you are looking for an orthopedic doctor in Mumbai, India, Dr. Sandeep Wasnik is an excellent choice. He is a compassionate and dedicated healthcare provider who ensures that his patients receive the best possible care. His expertise and experience are unmatched, and he has helped countless individuals regain their mobility and quality of life. 9. Dr. HP Singh Dr. HP Singh is a highly qualified and experienced orthopedic doctor based in Amritsar, India. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of orthopedics, he has been providing top-notch medical care and treatment to patients for many years. Whether you are suffering from a minor injury or a complex orthopedic condition, Dr. HP Singh is dedicated to providing you with personalized care and treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. With his compassionate and patient-centered approach, he strives to help each patient achieve optimal health and well-being. 10. Dr. P.K Dave Dr. P.K Dave is a renowned orthopedic doctor in New Delhi, India, with a wealth of experience and expertise in treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions. He has been providing top-notch orthopedic care to patients from all walks of life for many years, and his reputation in the medical community is unmatched. Dr. Dave's extensive knowledge and skills in the field of orthopedics make him a go-to choice for patients seeking reliable and effective treatment for their orthopedic problems. He has a deep understanding of the human musculoskeletal system and uses the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment methods to provide personalized care to his patients. At his clinic in New Delhi, Dr. Dave offers a comprehensive range of orthopedic services, including joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy, sports medicine, trauma surgery, and more. He employs a patient-centric approach to treatment, which involves educating his patients about their condition and involving them in the decision-making process to ensure the best possible outcomes. What is Orthopedic Surgery? Orthopedic surgery is performed by a medical specialist such as an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon, who is trained to assess and treat problems that develop in the bones, joints, and ligaments of the human body. Orthopedic surgery spans a wide range of procedures that address and attempts to correct these problems: Skeleton and its attachments, Ligaments, Tendons, The nervous system, such as those that arise from a spine injury. Do I Need Orthopedic Surgery? You have to consult with your doctor to see if you need orthopedic surgery. Best candidates for orthopedic surgery are patients who have: fractures and dislocations torn ligaments, sprains, and strains tendon injuries, pulled muscles, and bursitis ruptured disks, sciatica, low back pain, and scoliosis knock knees, bow legs, bunions, and hammer toes arthritis and osteoporosis bone tumors, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy club foot and unequal leg length abnormalities of the fingers and toes and growth abnormalities Why Most People Choose India for Orthopedic Surgery? Orthopedic surgery is a medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. India has become a popular destination for orthopedic surgery for people from all over the world. We explore the reasons why most people choose India for orthopedic surgery and why it can be a great option for those seeking quality medical treatment at an affordable price. Firstly, India has a robust healthcare system with world-class hospitals and experienced doctors who are trained in the latest medical techniques and technologies. Indian orthopedic surgeons are highly skilled and have a vast amount of experience in dealing with various orthopedic conditions. Additionally, many hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities that ensure high-quality treatment and speedy recovery. Another factor that makes India an attractive destination for orthopedic surgery is its affordability. The cost of medical treatment in India is significantly lower than in many other countries, including the United States, Europe, and Australia. This is because the cost of living in India is lower, and medical infrastructure is subsidized by the government. Therefore, patients can expect to pay a fraction of what they would pay for the same treatment in their home country. Moreover, India is known for its hospitality and supportive culture, making it an ideal destination for patients seeking medical treatment. Many hospitals in India offer personalized care and attention to their patients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout their stay. Patients can expect to receive excellent medical treatment while enjoying the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Indian people. In conclusion, India has become a popular destination for orthopedic surgery due to its robust healthcare system, affordability, and supportive culture. Patients from all over the world are choosing India for their medical treatment because they can expect to receive high-quality care at a fraction of the cost they would pay in their home country. Therefore, if you are considering orthopedic surgery, India is definitely worth considering as an option for your medical treatment. Important Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon: When it comes to orthopedic surgery, it's important to ask your surgeon the right questions to ensure you're fully informed and prepared for the procedure. Here are some important questions to ask your orthopedic surgeon: What are my treatment options? It's important to know all of your treatment options before deciding on a course of action. Your surgeon can explain the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision. What are the risks and benefits of surgery? All surgeries come with some level of risk, and it's important to know what those risks are. Your surgeon can also explain the potential benefits of the surgery, so you can weigh the risks against the benefits. How long will the recovery period be? Recovery times can vary greatly depending on the type of surgery you're having. Knowing how long you can expect to be out of commission will help you plan accordingly. What can I expect during the surgery? Understanding the surgical procedure can help you mentally prepare for what's to come. Your surgeon can explain the steps involved in the surgery and answer any questions you may have. What can I do to prepare for surgery? Your surgeon may have specific instructions for you to follow in the days leading up to surgery. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help you feel more at ease. Will I need physical therapy after surgery? Physical therapy can be an important part of the recovery process after orthopedic surgery. Your surgeon can let you know if physical therapy will be necessary and what to expect. How long before I can return to normal activities? It's important to have a realistic timeline for returning to normal activities after surgery. Your surgeon can give you an estimate based on your specific procedure. By asking these important questions, you can feel more confident and informed about your orthopedic surgery. Remember to always consult with your surgeon about any concerns or questions you may have.

How Much Will I Pay for Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Pune, India?

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For Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Pune, India you would pay around $3550. To make your medical experience in Pune, India as pleasant and stress-free as possible, many medical facilities provide Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total packages. These packages include: The cost of the procedure, Doctor's fees and hospital's fees, Meals, Materials and equipment used for the surgery, Transportation from the airport, Accommodation and meals for a companion, Translator, etc. The Cost of Hip Surgery in Different Clinics in Pune Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total at Ranka Hospital (Pune): from $2250 Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total at Dr. Narendra Vaidya | Joint Replacement Specialist (Pune): from $4200 Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total at Lokmanya Hospital (Pune): from $4200   Having Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Pune, India will help you in the following areas: Improve your overall quality of life, Relieve pain, Increase movement and mobility, You will return to your daily activities faster. Questions to Ask Your Orthopedic Surgeon To find the right orthopedic surgeon you have to ask the right question. Here are some examples that you should not overlook: How long should I be staying for Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total recovery? Are you a certified doctor to perform Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total? Are you a member of any Orthopedic/Knee Surgery association or society? How often have you performed Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total? What should I expect after the Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total surgery? What if something goes wrong during Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total procedure? How do you support aftercare? Choose Pune and you will be in the hands of some of the best orthopedic surgeons in India.  Pune is renowned for its modern Orthopedic Surgery clinics, the latest technological equipment, and experienced specialists.   Find out more about the best Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total surgeons in Pune, India! Contact us and choose the best Orthopedic surgeon!

Top Orthopedic Surgeons in India

India is home to some of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world. They have trained in prestigious hospitals in other developed countries. If you have knee pain or shoulder pain, chances are you’ll find a world-class orthopedic surgeon in India to perform surgery.

Doctors in India are able to perform high-quality joint replacements at a fraction of the cost of doctors in the U.S. and Australia. But finding the right doctor can be difficult.

PlacidWay team will help you choose the best orthopedic surgeon in India. Contact us for more information.

Dr. Bharat Mody

Dr. Bharat Mody is the Director and Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon of Welcare Hospital A Multi Su...

Discover Magical India and its Top Tourist Attractions

India is a land of contrasts – stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, world-famous cities, and enchanting villages. It is also a land of healthcare excellence because the country’s healthcare system has evolved over the years.

You can discover magical India and its top tourist attractions during your stay for orthopedic surgery.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Kumbhalgarh Fort - Rajasthan

Kumbhalgarh Fort - Rajasthan

Arambol Beach - Goa

Arambol Beach - Goa

Sonamarg Mountain - Jammu & Kashmir State

Sonamarg Mountain - Jammu & Kashmir State

Perform Daily Activities With no Pain!

After reading this guide we hope that you are more confident in your decision. Choosing orthopedic surgery in India will be a cost-saving option. You will be able to perform daily activities with no pain in your hips or knees.

For any other questions, feel free to ask our PlacidWay team! We are willing to help!