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New Treatment For Asthma in Tijuana, Mexico

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
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New Treatment For Asthma in Tijuana, Mexico

New Treatment For Asthma in Tijuana, Mexico

Asthma is a lasting illness of the breathing system characterised by hyper-reactive breathing passages, basically, a boost in the bronchioconstrictor reaction.

The airways are delicate, they work on a reversible method by the contraction of smooth muscle tissues or by the enhancement of the mucous membranes, frequently due to several triggers such as subjection to an imperfect condition(cold, wet, or allergen), exercise or effort, or nervous tension. In small children the most popular causes are illnesses like the well-known cold.


That shortening of the bronchial pathways obstructs the flow of air. This disorder is mostly reversible, opposed to chronic bronchitis in which there is poor reversibility. When bronchial asthma indicators intensify, an asthma strike happens.

This is generally a temporary respiratory episode, even though there could be intervals when daily asthma strikes last for a number of weeks.

In a serious asthma attack, the breathing passages can close up a lot that essential organs tend not to get sufficient oxygen. In these kinds of situations, an bronchial asthma strike could cause the loss of life.

Anticipated result of ProgenCell Therapy

The goal of the therapy is to reduce and stop the activation of such strikes. New cells will travel throughout the respiratory system submitting the information of stabilizing cell function. Even that we do not expect a 100% cure, we do anticipate development of organ functionality and finer quality of life.


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