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Full Mouth Package For Teeth Restoration in Turkey - Antalya

, Istanbul, Turkey

Package Price : $10000

Treatment :Dentistry

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Location : Istanbul, Turkey

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Package Details

Full Mouth Restoration in Antalya, Turkey

Exclusive Full Mouth Restoration in Antalya, Turkey 

A Full Mouth Restoration is a mix of dental procedures where different methods of dentistry the used to create a beautified mouth. Porcelain veneers, dental crowns, implants, and teeth whitening are used to design the new smile in a patient.

Why is the Full Mouth Restoration Important?

Everyone is looking for THE PERFECT SMILE, as everyone wishes to be more self-assured and therefore be more successful in private or professional life.

Full Mouth Restoration in Antalya, Turkey

Country Procedure Cost
UK Full Mouth Restoration $27,000 - $68,000
Antalya, Turkey Full Mouth Restoration $10,000


Cost: The cost of Full Mouth Restoration in Antalya, Turkey starts from $10,000 onwards.

Note: Final prices are determined after physical evaluation and laboratory reports analysis.

Length of Stay: Same day procedure. Requires a couple of consultation and jaw-line modeling sessions prior to the procedure.


  • Pre and post-operative consultations
  • All medical fees


  • Hotel or recovery house
  • Preoperative lab work
  • Airfare

List of Required Pre-Op Tests

  • X-ray of teeth
  • Complete blood count
  • Dental modeling

Note: The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Key Diagnosis in the Procedure

  • How many teeth are missing 
  • Many many teeth are decayed or carious  
  • Identify mobile and loose teeth   
  • Discoloration of teeth 
  • Crowding and mal-alignment of teeth   
  • Identify gum disease   
  • Recession of gums  
  • Identify the state of oral hygiene   
  • Assess the healthy state of the oral mucosa   

Factors that Affect Package Price

  • Number of loose, decayed, or diseased teeth
  • Condition of the teeth, gum, and jaws
  • Existing oral hygiene
  • Mal-alignment of number of teeth
  • Number of surgeries required
  • Experience and qualification of the dentist
  • Kind of equipment used in the treatment procedure

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration in Antalya, Turkey

  • Restores function of teeth
  • Prevents further decay
  • Prevents further infection
  • Permanent restoration
  • Improved support
  • Beautiful and bright teeth
  • Renowned dental surgeons
  • Top dental clinics
  • Affordable cost

Why Choose Antalya, Turkey?

  • Dentists with years of experience,
  • All of the patient's wishes are taken into consideration while providing the best possible medical options.
  • Top-quality brands of reputable manufacturers are used in the procedure.
  • Long term and guaranteed success.
  • Dental Treatments Follow-Up.
  • Assistance by the clinic from the minute even before your arrival.

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