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Cornea transplant By Femtosecond Laser in Istanbul Turkey

Corneal Transplantation with Femtosecond Laser

in Istanbul, Turkey

Birinci Femtolasik Corneal Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

There are several cases in which the cornea requires to be replaced during a corneal transplantation procedure, and in the past, this procedure has had lower success rates due to patient’s rejection by the immune system.

Nowadays, due to the preservation techniques of a thin part from the patient’s cornea and the successful linking of the transplanted cornea to the patient’s own tissue, the success rates have increased to almost 95%. Even in patients with severe keratoconus.

Keratoconus Treatment with femtosecond Laser Transplantation Turkey Birinci

All this is now possible because of the most advanced laser eye surgery technique used in corneal transplant: Femtosecond Laser at Birinci Eye Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Why Femtosecond Laser Corneal Transplant
at Birinci in Turkey?

The skilled surgeons at Birinci Eye hospital in Istanbul have been performing this type of procedure since it has been available – benefiting from the advanced technology in its early ears.

Using the femtosecond laser, Birinci’s eye surgery specialists are able to:

  1. Focus the laser energy at a particular depth
  2. Rapidly cut the damaged tissue at the optimum depth
  3. NO additional injury to the surrounding ocular tissue.
  4. Apply the transplanted corneal tissue
  5. Link it in an intertwining cut with the patient’s own cornea (a thin layer of tissue left after the removal),
  6. Enhancing the body’s acceptance rates and improving the time for healing.

The surgical process in a corneal transplant takes about two hours and is conducted on an outpatient basis.

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The Cost of Corneal Transplant Surgery
by Femtosecond Laser in Turkey

Brinici Price Corneal Transplant with Femtosecond Laser Cost in Turkey

The price of Femtosecond Cornea Transplantation Surgery includes:

  • Ophthalmology Examination
  • Corneal Topography
  • Specular Microscopy
  • Pachymetry Analysis
  • Blood Investigations
  • General Anesthesia
  • Surgery Cost

Extras Included in Corneal Transplant Price:

  • Welcome at Airport & Transfers (Birinci Eye Hospital/Airport)
  • Accommodation for Patient & Companion (Full Board)
  • Post-op control
  • First Medications
  • 24/7 Interpreter

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