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Best Centers Kidney Transplant Europe

Best Centers for Kidney Transplant in Europe

Kidney transplant abroad, in countries like Turkey, Switzerland and Israel, is a much cost effective option for patients who find it difficult to afford one in their home country, as well as a respite to those who do not want to be added to long waiting lists or patients who do not find advanced treatment facilities in their home countries.

Kidney is the blood-filtering organ of human body. It is necessary to remove excessive fluid and waste from the blood. Unfortunately, when kidneys cease to function, the toxic fluids accumulate in the body and are perilous for human body. To overcome this procedure, patients undergo the treatment called kidney replacement or renal transplantation.

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What is a Kidney Transplant?

Kidney transplant is a surgical method to place a functioning kidney from a donor into a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. Only one donated kidney can share the work of the two failing kidneys and can keep the human body functioning properly. A living or deceased donor is needed for organ donation. This might take a while due to prohibitions on organ trafficking and the ruckus it causes.

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Why is a Kidney Transplant Required?

• A kidney transplant is required for kidney failure treatment when the kidneys operate sub-optimally.

• End stage kidney diseases are usually a result of:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Inflamed and scarred filters of your kidney (in a condition called chronic glomerulonephritis)

• When diet, medication, and other types of treatments fail to enable the kidneys to function properly, you may be considered a candidate for kidney transplant.

Most major countries offer great kidney transplants, though the issues that patients in the developed countries usually face are the huge bills and long waiting periods.

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What are Its Risks and Complications?

Some of the risks of a kidney transplant are:

• Bleeding
• Clotting of blood
• Blockage of or leakage from the ureters which connect the kidney with the bladder
• Body’s rejection of the new kidney
• Donated kidney’s failure

Successful kidney transplantation treats your kidney failure and gives you back your health. It also provides a better quality of life and is therefore a preferable treatment for many patients. Usually you will have less restrictions on fluid intake and diet after receiving a transplant. Many patients also return to work and lead a full life after transplant.

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What happens in a Kidney Transplant?

  1. General anesthesia is administered to the patient.
  2. An incision is made by the surgeon in the lower abdomen, and the donated kidney is put into place.
  3. The old kidneys are usually not removed, unless they are resulting in complications such as hypertension and infection.
  4. Blood vessels in your lower kidney right above one of your legs are attached with the blood vessels of the new kidney.
  5. The ureter (tube-like structure which connects the kidney to the bladder) of your new kidney is attached with the bladder.
  6. A kidney transplant procedure lasts between three and six hours.
  7. On an average, you will have to spend eight days at the hospital.

Benefits Kidney Transplant Europe

Benefits of Kidney Transplant in Europe

  • Is closest to having your own kidneys
  • No dialysis treatments required once kidneys start working
  • Fewer fluid and diet restrictions
  • Feel healthier and have more energy
  • Work full-time without worrying about a dialysis schedule

It is hard to measure the quality of life because every person looks at his or her life differently. However many patients who have received a kidney transplant will attest to the positive impact on their lives since they had a transplant.

Best Medical Centers in Europe for Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant in Europe at Kent International Hospital in Izmir, Turkey image

Kent International Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

$30,000 USD

Kidney Transplant in Europe at Medical Center University of Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany image

Medical Center University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

Kidney Transplant in Europe at Shemer Medical Center in Haifa, Israel image

Shemer Medical Center, Haifa, Israel

Kidney Transplant in Europe at Hirslanden Hospital Group in Zurich, Switzerland image

Hirslanden Hospital Group, Zurich, Switzerland

Europe offers safe and reliable medical facilities for liver transplant surgeries where foreigners can get a transplant at very affordable rates. The hospitals are well equipped and the doctors are experienced and well qualified.

For more information regarding organ transplants and other medical procedures in Europe, don't hesitate to contact us!

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