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Dental Crowns at Americas Dental Care Costa Rica                                        

   Dental Crowns at Oral Med Costa Rica


Do you have broken and discoloured teeth? Maybe a dental crown at Americas Dental Care, in San Jose, Costa Rica can upgrade your smile!

A dental crown is a cap placed over the tooth to conceal and protect it from further damage or decay. It also helps to restore the tooth’s strength, size, shape and its appearance - as it can hide chips and breaks.

There are different materials used for dental crowns:

1. Gold crowns. Gold crowns are generally advised for individuals with strong bite patterns, to be placed at the back of the mouth such as molars.  

2. Porcelain dental crowns. Are also preferred because when placed, it is lighter and natural-looking. 

3. All ceramic dental crowns. These crowns are the most popularly used today.

4. Zirconia dental crowns. It is also preferred because it is lighter and realistic in appearance.

5. Porcelain fused to metal (PFM). A known downside of using this type of dental crown is that the edges of the metal core may show at the gum line.

Crown Insertion Procedure:

Inserting a crown usually takes two clinic visits from your dentist.

On your first appointment, your dentist will: 1) Using x-rays and CAD/CAM technology, the dentists creates a mold of your damaged tooth. 2) Prepare your tooth/teeth for shaping, (3) Places a temporary crown. This may be performed from 30 minutes to an hour.

Between the two dental visits, a dental laboratory will fabricate the crown based on the mold/impression created by the dentist. Usually this takes after two weeks depending on the dental lab.

When you return for your second visit, the dentist will now cement the finished crown which can take 20 minutes or more.  Now you can chew and smile as you please!

Best candidates for dental crowns include individuals who:

  • Need to cover dental implants
  • Have weak teeth (due to decay)
  • Have a tooth with a large filling
  • Have a dental bridge (so a crown can hold it into place)
  • Have broken teeth (to prevent it from breaking)
  • Have old crowns that need new replacements
  • Have tooth decay
  • Have cracked or chipped teeth
  • Have severely discoloured and misshapened teeth


Cost of Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

The costs of dental crowns vary depending on from country to country. Dental clinics base their prices on the type of crown to be used (porcelain crowns are more expensive than gold ones, while the latter is costly compared to porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns), the experience and popularity of the dentist, geographical location of the clinic (clinics in cities charge higher than rural clinics) and other factors.

Known for smile makeovers in Costa Rica, Americas Dental Care,  can provide you with affordable options to improve your smile and dental health. As a matter of fact, they are now providing a dental crown package that only costs $460/crown and $850 for crowns over implants.  


Benefits of dental crowns:

  • Shields the tooth from damage or decay
  • Restore the tooth’s strength
  • Allows you to bite and chew normally
  • Renews your old smile
  • Returns lost self-esteem


Have your crowns placed at Americas Dental Care, in San Jose, Costa Rica so you can smile with ease! For more information, please click the button below to get a FREE quote!

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