Best Laryngeal Cancer Treatment Packages in India

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Best Laryngeal Cancer Treatment Packages in India

Best Laryngeal Cancer Treatment Packages in India

Voice alteration and hoarseness are the first signs of vocal cord disorders. On the other hand, these two symptoms may indicate a laryngeal cancer.

Laryngeal Cancer - General Issues

Therefore, experts recommend patients to see a doctor when hoarseness and voice alteration don’t disappear within three weeks after starting a commonly symptomatic treatment.

Other symptoms of this type of cancer consist in localized pain within the ears, paraesthesia disorders, foreign object body sensation in the lower pharynx and pharyngolaryngeal embarrassment.

The Larynx is an organ of the respiratory system, located in front of the throat, in the upper part of the trachea. In the same time, and larynx connects the trachea to the pharynx and protects the vocal cords.

Untreated laryngeal cancer is life-threatening

The untreated laryngeal cancer has a rapid evolution, which ultimately leads to the death of the affected person.

The treatment depends on the tumour size, the expansion degree etc. Changes in the larynx and vocal cord take place in a short time, requiring biopsy and histopathology.

Most cases are treated by surgery and radiotherapy. Cytostatic chemotherapy and immunological therapy have a preparatory role for the radio-surgical therapy.

There are numerous centers in India specialized in treating laryngeal cancer. Medical hubs that offer such treatment are experienced in taking care of both local and international patients, offering a suitable environment and specialized medical care. Such is Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute, in Hyderabad, which has some of the best oncologists in India.

Price Procedure

$3,000 - $6,510


$667 - $1,792

Direct Laryngoscopy & Biopsy

Benefits of the Laryngeal Cancer Treatment:

  • Cancerous tissues are removed from the larynx and neck
  • Pain in the neck is relieved
  • The spread of cancerous cells to other body parts is prevented

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