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Cancer Treatment in Beijing China

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Treatment: Cancer Treatment
Focus Area: Cancer Treatment | PDT Photodynamic Laser Therapy | Hyperthermia | Traditional Chinese Medicine | Radiofrequency Ablation | Beijing, China

Price of Cancer Treatment in China

Cancer Treatment in Beijing, China


Cancer Treatment in Beijing, China


Cancer treatment is a broad study of how cancerous masses come to be, how tumors grow, why they turn malignant and how to best remove them from the patient’s organism. There are many different types of cancer (mostly related to the place where they originate), but the cancer treatment boils down to those four crucial questions.

At Beijing Puhua International Hospital, the doctors are working towards finding comprehensive solutions for all the cancer patients that they get, regardless of the type of cancer that they have. The focus is on providing personalized care which involves combining multiple therapies in order to achieve complete remission and stop cancer recurrence in the patient’s organism.

Puhua offers treatments for the following types of cancer: liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, prostate cancer and kidney cancer. It is possible to find treatment for other cancer types, as well, but the aforementioned ones are the ones that the clinic focuses on.

The doctors at Puhua offer comprehensive cancer treatments which usually involve multiple techniques of treating cancer, combining local, holistic and natural treatments to achieve the best possible effect on the patient’s health.

Cancer Therapies Available

Local treatments

  • CryotherapyUsing an argon-helium knife, the doctors cut the cancerous cells with precision. The cells are frozen to -160°C, which causes the cancer cells to suffer necrosis and die. After that, the temperature is increased to 40°C rapidly, so that the difference in temperature kills any remaining cancer cells.
  • Vascular Intervention Through an intervention in targeted arteries, by injecting embolic material, traditional Chinese medicine or chemotherapy agents through a catheter, the cancer cells are deprived of blood, which leads to the necrosis of the cancerous tissue through ischemia. This is basically starving the cancer cells out of existence.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation By directly inserting a heat-generating needle into a cancer cell, the doctors are able to heat it up to 60°C. This then starts degrading the proteins in the cell, essentially making the cell harmless.
  • Intra-operative Radiation Therapy (IORT)During cancer surgery, the doctors might use concentrated radiation exposure to kill any remaining cancer cells. This helps keep the healthy tissue safe and reduces the risk of recurrence.

Holistic treatments

  • ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy works by boosting your immune system to be able to recognize and attack cancerous cells, with outside help. This therapy releases the PD-1, the active form of T-cells surface receptor, into your body, which then goes on to prevent tumor attacking signals, thus negating their proliferation and denying them energy needed to subside. It is done to both kill the cells and to prevent recurrence.
  • Molecular Targeted Therapy Through analyzing the genetic make-up of the tumor, the doctors are able to select specific chemo drugs which will have the most effect on the given type of cell. This is done to reduce the risk of medication attacking healthy cells, as well as to increase the chances of them clearing the cancerous mass.

Natural treatments

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)TCM is usually used to strengthen the immune system. This is especially effective after chemotherapy and surgery. TCM aids in the patient’s recovery from these treatments.
  • Rehabilitation BPIH offers personalized rehabilitation therapies to patients that need them after getting cancer treatment at the clinic. Rehabilitation is excellent for recovery from these treatments.


Price for the Cancer Treatment

The price for the Cancer Treatment offered by Beijing Puhua International Hospital varies from $15,000 to $50,000. The treatment takes between two and three weeks.

Why choose us for Cancer Treatment?

  • The medical center offers personal approach to each patient for whom it will tailor the unique program including combination of different stem cell types targeting the issues of concern.
  • The clinic’s specialists will provide personal recommendations on further management. 
  • Guarantee of top level quality of stem cell transplants.
  • The medical center sets the quality, safety and value standards in the discovery, development and delivery of preventive and regenerative medicine.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and quality management


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