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Brain Tumor Treatment in Beijing, China

Brain Tumor Treatment in Beijing, China

Brain tumors are especially complicated tumors which are difficult to treat and operate on simply because of their position and the importance of the organ that they are attached to. Brain tumors, whether they are malignant or not, press onto the brain and can create a host of problems to the person infected by them. However, with the advancement of technology and the advent of new ways of treating cancer in general and brain tumors in particular, those who have developed brain tumor do not need to lose all hope of salvation.

At one of the Asia’s top neuro-hospitals, Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH), the doctors have come up with quite a few treatments for removing the tumor in the brain, or to control it and ease the life of those who suffer from it. The treatment is usually comprehensive and involves more than one method of treating, i.e. a combination of techniques. Here’s what treatments for brain tumors are available at BPIH:

Surgical options:

  • Surgery – Surgical option which removes the tumor in its entirety while making sure that none of the functional areas of the brain are endangered.
  • Intra-operative Radiotherapy (IORT) – Radiotherapy applied locally to the place of the tumor, intended to kill the remaining cancer cells and prevent their recurrence.
  • Intra-operative Chemotherapy (IOCT) – Chemotherapy applied locally to kill any remaining cancer cells and prevent them from reoccurring.
  • Photon Dynamic Treatment (PDT) – Usually applied to a tumor that is highly malignant, with the aim of killing the remaining cancer cells and preventing recurrence.

Non-surgical options:

  • Targeted chemotherapy – Using information such as genetic analysis, specific chemotherapy medicine is induced in the body to help it kill cancer cells and/or inhibit their further growth.
  • DC-CIK – Cytokine inductive killer-cells (CIK) and Dendritic Cells (DC) are used to fight the tumor cells present in the brain.
  • IVC Protocol (High-dose Vitamin C) – It has been shown that high dose of vitamin C can inhibit further cancer cell growth and help with patient’s overall health.
  • Stem Cell Treatment – Stem cells are known to inhibit tumor growth, as well as to fight cancer cells.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) TCM improves patient’s immune system and decreases the toxicity of other therapies that might be used, which is helpful for improving the patient’s overall condition.

Benefits of Brain Tumor Treatment in Beijing, China

  • Improving the patient’s overall condition
  • Increasing chances of survival
  • Comprehensive treatment uses multiple treating methods
  • Removal of tumor and subsequent treatment to prevent recurrence
  • Use of TCM helps with recovery from treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are damaging to the body


At Beijing Puhua International Hospital the price for Comprehensive Brain Tumor Treatment starts at $15,000. The price may vary in accordance with the treatments used. The treatment for brain tumor is a comprehensive, 2-week outpatient treatment.

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