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Best Packages for Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexicali, Mexico

Package price starting from: $3000
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All Inclusive Packages for Tubal Reversal in Mexicali, Mexico

Tubal Reversal Under $3,000 in Mexicali, Mexico

Guess what? In Mexicali, Mexico, you can meet doctors who are super good at fertility treatments, and they can help you with a tubal reversal for less than $3,000! That's way cheaper than what many people in America pay, so you can save a bunch of money.

Now, let's talk about this amazing place called Mexicali, Mexico. It's like stepping into a world where what you thought was impossible becomes totally possible. Here, they offer something really cool called the All-Inclusive Tubal Ligation Reversal Package. It's like a magic journey back to being able to have babies, helping you make your dream of becoming a mom come true all over again!

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Excited much? Keep reading, because the melody of Mexicali's maracas is just about to get louder, drawing you towards an exhilarating journey to experience the joy of natural conception yet again!

What is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Tubal Ligation Reversal is a surgery that allows women to become pregnant after having a tubal ligation, which is when your "tubes are tied" to prevent pregnancy. If you've changed your mind about having more children, this procedure could be an option, but it's important to understand the risks and benefits. The surgery usually doesn't require an overnight stay in the hospital and takes about 2-3 hours under general anesthesia. In Mexicali, Mexico, the cost for Tubal Ligation Reversal ranges from $3,000 to $3,400, covering the surgeon, facility, and anesthesia fees.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Package Cost in Mexico

The cost of tubal ligation reversal in Mexicali, Mexico is $3,000 - $3,400. While in the USA the cost is $15,000 which means you can save 80% by having TLR in Mexicali.


Tubal Ligation Reversal Cost

Mexicali, Mexico

$3,000 - $3,400

United States



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Top 3 Tubal Ligation Reversal Packages in Mexicali, Mexico

Here are the Top 3 Affordable Tubal Ligation Reversal Packages in Mexicali, Mexico

Package Cost Provider
1. Affordable Tubal Ligation Reversal Package $3000  Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo
2. Tubal Ligation Reversal Package $3400  Family Hospital 
3. Tubal Ligation Reversal Package $3000  Global Medical Tourism Mexicali

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Tubal Ligation Reversal Package Inclusions:

  • Hospital Stay: Rest easy knowing your hospital stay is covered.
  • Surgery: The main event, your tubal ligation reversal, is included.
  • Anesthesia: Ensures a pain-free procedure.
  • Medicines and Consumables: All the meds and supplies you'll need during your stay.
  • Clinical Studies: Necessary tests and studies while you're in the hospital.
  • Dressings: All the dressings for your post-surgery care.
  • Pre and Post-Surgery Care: Medical care to ensure you're in good shape before and after the procedure.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: A clear plan for your procedure and understanding the costs.

Tubal Ligation Reversal Package Exclusions:

  • Fly Ticket: You'll need to book your own flight.
  • Accommodation: Plan for where you'll stay before and after your hospital visit.

List of Required Pre-Op Tests for Tubal Reversal:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC): A general health check.
  • HIV-1 Antibody: Ensuring your safety and the medical team's.
  • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen: A must-check for overall health.
  • Hepatitis C Antibody: another important health check.
  • FSH Test: Checks your fertility-related hormones.
  • Estradiol: Another hormone test related to fertility.
  • Inhibin B: Helps in assessing ovarian function.

Note:: The laboratory tests are done at least 7-10 days prior to the procedure. The particular tests are prescribed after a complete physical evaluation of the patient.

Payment Options: Cash, credit card, or wire transfer

Note:: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to book the surgery.

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Benefits of Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexicali, Mexico

  • More Chances to Conceive: Unlike IVF, tubal ligation reversal in Mexicali gives you more opportunities to get pregnant.
  • Fewer Multiples: It lowers the likelihood of having twins or triplets, which can be more complex and risky.
  • Restored Wellbeing: Many women feel more complete or restored after the procedure.
  • High Pregnancy Rates: Your chances of getting pregnant after the reversal are really good!
  • Natural Pregnancy: Say goodbye to complicated treatments – this makes having a baby the natural way possible again.
  • Natural Conception: Get back the ability to conceive naturally without extra medical help.
  • Avoid IVF Risks: Skip the potential complications and side effects of in-vitro fertilization.
  • Success Stories: Many women have successfully become pregnant after the procedure.
  • Quick Recovery: You'll be back on your feet and feeling good in no time.
  • Cost-Effective: This procedure won't break the bank – it's much more affordable than many alternatives.
  • Healing Vacation: Recover in Mexicali, a beautiful place that's perfect for relaxation and healing.

Factors that Affect Package Price of Fertility Treatment

When it comes to Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexicali, Mexico, you might notice different prices for the same treatment. Several factors can influence the overall cost of your fertility journey:

  • Age: Your age plays a significant role in the procedure's success rate and cost.
  • Fertility Issues: Difficulties you've had getting pregnant can affect the complexity and price of the treatment.
  • Infections: Any current infections may require additional treatment, altering the cost.
  • Fallopian Tube Length: The length of your fallopian tubes is crucial; shorter tubes might complicate the procedure.
  • Scarring: Any scarring in the fallopian tubes can make the reversal more complex and costly.
  • Nearby Organ Injuries: Injuries to organs close to the treatment area can affect the procedure and its price.
  • Anesthesia Type: The kind of anesthesia used can impact the cost, depending on whether it's general or local.
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Risk: If there's a risk of ectopic pregnancy, additional considerations and costs might be involved.

Before deciding on the procedure, the clinic's doctor will likely ask for lab tests to understand your condition better and plan accordingly. These tests help determine how ready your body is for surgery. After reviewing your tests, the doctor might discuss the Tubal Ligation Reversal plan with you over the phone.

Complexity Level: Medium

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient Review in Mexicali, Mexico

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Why Choose Mexicali, Mexico for Tubal Reversal?

Mexicali has become super popular for medical trips because it's not just a pretty place with friendly people; it's also home to top-notch doctors and hospitals. Imagine visiting a place where you can see beautiful sights and also get amazing medical care. That's Mexicali for you!

Here's why lots of people from all over the world pick Mexicali, Mexico, for their tubal reversal surgery:

  1. Affordable: The cost of getting a tubal reversal in Mexicali is way lower than what you'd pay in places like the U.S. It's like getting a premium service for a much nicer price.
  2. Super Close to the U.S.: For Americans, Mexico is just next door. It's super easy to hop over the border and get the surgery without traveling too far.
  3. Expert Doctors: The clinics in Mexicali are filled with super skilled surgeons who know all about tubal reversals. They use the latest techniques to make sure everything goes smoothly.

So, if you're thinking about tubal reversal, Mexicali, Mexico, might just be the perfect place to start your journey to recovery and happiness!

FAQs for Tubal Ligation Reversal  in Mexicali, Mexico

Here are some FAQs for Tubal Ligation Reversal  in Mexicali, Mexico:

How successful is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

The success rate of Tubal Ligation Reversal depends on several factors, including a woman's age, the type of tubal ligation initially performed, the overall health of the fallopian tubes, and the surgeon's expertise. Generally, the pregnancy rate post-reversal can range from 40-80%.

Who is a good candidate for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Women who are in good health, have a significant portion of healthy fallopian tubes remaining, and have a partner with good fertility potential are ideal candidates. A comprehensive medical evaluation is necessary to make a final determination.

How is Tubal Ligation Reversal performed in Mexicali, Mexico?

Mexicali, Mexico boasts a collection of expert surgeons who use advanced techniques for Tubal Ligation Reversal, which typically involves microsurgery to reattach the fallopian tubes and restore their function.

How long is the recovery period after Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Recovery time varies but typically, women can return to normal activities within 1-2 weeks. Full recovery might take a bit longer, around 2-3 weeks.

What is the cost of Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexicali, Mexico?

Costs can vary depending on individual circumstances and additional treatments required. However, Mexico, especially Mexicali, is known for its cost-effective medical procedures, offering high-quality services at significantly lower prices than many other countries.

Why choose Mexicali, Mexico for Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Mexicali, Mexico offers a combination of highly skilled medical professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and affordable healthcare services. Besides, the city is a popular tourist destination, which adds an attractive side-trip to your medical journey.

Are there any risks associated with Tubal Ligation Reversal?

As with any surgery, some risks exist, including infection, bleeding, and complications from anesthesia. There's also the risk of ectopic pregnancy after the procedure. However, the expertise of the medical professionals in Mexicali minimizes these risks significantly.

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