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Flawless Knee Replacement Package in Jalisco Mexico

Del Parque 354, Col. Chapalita, CP:45040, Zapopan, Guadalajara , Mexico

Package Price : $13000

Treatment :Orthopedic/Knee Surgery

By : Dr. Gustavo Ramirez | Orthopedic Surgeon

Location : Del Parque 354, Col. Chapalita, CP:45040, Zapopan Guadalajara , Mexico

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Package Details

Flawless Knee Replacement Package in Jalisco, Mexico

Flawless Knee Replacement Package in Jalisco, Mexico

Are you tired of struggling with knee stiffness and pain? Do you want to flex and bend your knee(s) easily and without any discomfort? Are osteoarthritis and injuries causing inflammation and damage which get worse as the time goes by? The knee replacement package offered in Mexico might be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic is located in Jalisco, Mexico and renowned as a modern orthopaedic clinic which offers high quality medical care to both local and international patients. The center is constantly focusing on training and development of technological advances applied to medicine in order to provide top notch services to the patients. The specialized medical team is comprised of highly trained and experienced medical professionals concerned about offering flawless care for the patient's health and proper recovery assistance.

The knee replacement surgery is a procedure that replaces a damaged knee joint by placing an artificial prosthesis instead. So, during the intervention, the joint’s damaged part is removed and replaced by the new one. This is a cost-effective and long lasting solution, as the prosthesis lasts for at least 20 years old.

Knee replacement is highly recommended for:

  • People who deal with painful and stiff knees
  • Those who encounter difficulty in performing simple movements (daily activities)
  • People who’ve previously tried other treatments but had no success.

Conditions that might make the knee replacement an option:

  • Traumatic injuries
  • Runner's knee
  • Osteoarthritis.


Cost of Knee Replacement Package in Mexico

What is the cost of the knee replacement?

At Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic (Jalisco, Mexico) the knee replacement package costs:

  • $13,000 for one knee
  • $15,000 for both knees.

The package includes:

  • 2 Hospital days
  • Medical fees
  • Rent of equipment and prosthesis.

Benefits of the knee replacement:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Pain relief
  • Improved mobility
  • Knee joint function improvement

Start living a healthy, active life again! Forget about pain, discomfort and stiffness! Find out all about the knee replacement package available at Dr. Gustavo Ramirez's clinic! Get in touch with us!

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